Home Cooking 2022

Maybe the chili paste? Or maybe the fish was frozen and unfrozen too many times?

I believe marinating raw fish in anything acidic can make it soft. Good ceviche requires timing.


The thing is that partner said texture was normal this afternoon, and I assume no additional freezing after it put in the case at Bristol Farms.

I do wonder if the chili paste had vinegar. I don’t know where the paste is, so I can’t check the ingredient list.

Edit: found and checked the chili paste. Acetic acid is high on the list of ingredients.

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Undoubtedly posting too much on this thread but I cook more often than we eat out.
KFC - Korean Fried Chicken - fried then frozen and then fried - super crisp. Maangchi’s recipe; I have two recipes from other cookbooks I will try. Forgot to put the extra aged kimchi on the plate.

Berry Pavlova from a dear friend’s birthday - almost seems like a healthy dessert;


Love the Arte Johnson trope! That was such a great show. I so fell in love with Goldie Hawn!

Not sure if it’s a bomb, but easy and delicious.

Poach chicken breast in chicken broth until almost cooked. Remove and cook peas and cubed carrots in broth. Add a slurry of flour and milk to thicken, adding cream if you have it and a chunk of butter. Add cubed chicken.

Make crust dough from flour, 1/3 its volume in lard or suet, salt, enough water to bind. Work together gently but don’t overwork. Let rest a bit then roll out and cut circles an inch larger than your baking bowls. (I get suet from my butcher who simply shaves off a slice from larger beef roast.)

Heat oven to 400F. Ladle reheated chicken “stew” into baking bowls, cover with pastry circle, slashing a hole in top for steam. Brush with cream or egg wash if you wish. Bake until golden brown and puffed.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 9.36.32 AM


Nice @pilgrim! Love chicken pot pie!

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In need of motivation to cook more often…
It’s tricky to cook for one, no?

I made this one a little more mochi like last time, to resemble what Shunji San did last season.

Started from here:

*The sexy vegetables were from Chino Farm

They taught me a lot about how to use their veggies

What I miss the most are their tasty strawberries & ice cream tho. And the whole family, of course!

BTW, quick pickling strawberries are very addictive…

Anyways, I want to to figure out how Shunji San make his Renkon Mochi and the enoki gavy. It was very tasty! Whenever I come visit and have his food, there comes another episode of I wanna cook a bunch of stuff…

(I didn’t make this one, Shunji San did!)

Help, anyone :bowing_woman:


Wow beautiful dishes! I have been married for 34 years. I used to cook for one when the wife went out with friends. It wasn’t that much fun so now I usually go out for something she doesn’t like; sushi, Cajun, Thai, Indian, anything with clams. Your cooking looks wonderful! I hope you find someone to cook for soon - look for someone who doesn’t share your tastes but you still like; at least that’s what worked for me and it lasted. Go figure, and best of luck!!

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You’re so kind :relaxed: what do you and your wife enjoy to cook together at home?

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Usually I cook unless I am working. She cooks when I am away. We don’t often cook together. If we do it’s for a party and she does the appetizers and I do the mains and dessert. Oh and I do the dishes…she is allergic to dish detergent…sigh…

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That sounds like perfect team work :clap::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@attran99 @JeetKuneBao would eat this :yum: Stir-fried Ong Choy, Fried Mackerel & Fried Tofu & Light Fish Sauce… with a questionable amount of peanuts :sweat_smile:

Random questions: Where to get a smaller amount of decent Ong choy in LA? Or what to do with left over from the grocery-store-size for a family of 6? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Fried food is life :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:


Farmers market, Mr thao farms sells them in reasonable bunches


Getting my banana pudding ready Friday morning at 7:45am so it’s ready by Sunday afternoon. Only 5 ingredients and always a crowd pleaser. I use a lot of bananas, the mini Nilla Wafers bc they incorporate better into the cream mixture and 50% more whipped cream to cut the sweetness a bit.


I :yellow_heart: Banana Pudding!


That recipe is a godsend.

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Same! Although I never thought to use Mini Nilla Wafers! Genius!


I prefer homemade nilla made fresh from organic creosote.

I serve mine with the minis on the side so you can eat it like chips and dip.

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