Home Cooking 2023


We use the Sonoko Sakai curry brick recipe but there are a couple things to note:

  • Sakai’s curry brick tastes great but honestly if I wasn’t so bowled over by the amount of sodium in a store bought curry brick we’d just use Golden. Not that any curry brick is that healthy - it’s just a roux in brick form
  • For some odd reason the NY Times recipe is slightly different than the one in her book even though they were published within a couple months of each other. The book is also available digitally through LA Public Library. We marginally prefer the slightly more involved NY Times recipe although the orange zest can be a touch strong
  • We found it to be kind of a pain to divide the curry into 27 pieces until we realized we add them to taste, anyway, so just divide 'em up however is convenient
  • The roux is nuclear hot and clings like lava so be real careful when handling it

Not really photogenic but quite tasty - greek inspired “pie” based on a recipe from Diana Henry. Zucchini and scallions get roasted in the oven first, before they are mixed with eggs, greek yoghurt, feta, parmesan, dill and garlic and everything is baked in the oven


Korean-inspired beef stew - beef chuck braised with daikon, carrots, onions, gochujang paste, red wine, tomato paste, flour, sugar, cilantro and beef broth. Served over rice.


Daikon braised with beef is always a winner in my book! Looks good


Edit: Hear hear! :smile:

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Southwestern Salad - romaine salad, oven roasted butternut squash, black beans, cherry tomatoes, scallion, jicama, avocado, feta, oven fried corn tortilla strips with a vinaigrette made from evoo, lime juice, agave nectar, mustard, chipotle in adobo,


Quick, very simple stir-fried rice with shrimps, mushrooms, red peppers, carrots, scallions, mung bean sprouts and soy sauce. Topped with a fried egg


Bo Kho-Style Mushroom and White Bean Stew from Andrea Nguyen with mushrooms, carrots, cannellini beans, crushed tomatoes, dried shiitake, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, Chinese five spice, star anise, bay leaf, fish sauce, Maggi and Thai basil


Hanger steak and eggs, harissa, habanero slaw


Oven-Roasted Portabella Mushrooms filled with a quick hummus (chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, sumac, thyme) and additional chickpeas. Served on a bed of baby arugula with an olive oil-balsamico vinaigrette and some oven-roasted green beans


Krapow Gai.

Ground Jidori Chicken.
Thai Chiles.
Fresno Chiles.
Red Boat Fish Sauce.
Thai Oyster Sauce.
Holy Basil from Thao Family Farms.

Next time I’ll cut the chiles smaller.


You have a wok set up?

I don’t I’ll have to shop around at the Wok Shop (SF) or check out Amazon.

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Japanese Convenient Store Egg Salad Sandwich with medium boiled eggs.

No pics of the cut sandwich because my cut was a disaster! Halp!

Salad was super easy kewpie, salt, pepper, and sugar


Yeah I can’t get my outdoor wok going because the gas setup sold to me is Taiwanese and not compatible with American gas valves. Still trying to figure out a solution:(

Aww bummer. An outdoor wok station sounds like a dream. That is so Asian lol. The BTU’s would be higher?

Those eggs! When I make this, like how you would add some smoked Paprika on Deviled eggs… I add some Shichimi shake on those golden bad bois…


Can’t recall if you have gas or induction, but Kenji Lopez-Alt has a hack for an indoor gas wok setup (that looks vaguely scary to me, but…):

My contribution to Home Cooking (more like home assembling):

This has become my standard workday lunch 2x/wk. Roasted zucchini, quinoa (cooking water flavored w/ cumin, coriander, granulated garlic, onion powder, and a touch of cayenne), grape/cherry tomatoes, grated carrots (purchased grated), crouton made from La Brea Bakery bread, goat cheese, shredded rotiserrie chicken (purchased pre-shredded), +/- a bit of greens, +/- pickled onions.

I like this b/c zucchini is an easy veg for me to cut, and I can roast that in the same oven and temp as the croutons. The quinoa is done during the time the stuff in the oven is cooking.

The bread loaf, goat cheese log, and rotisserie chicken are all more than I would want to eat in a wk, but those things freeze quite nicely (I assume the chicken should freeze decently; next wk will be the first wk I’m trying that), so I can just thaw them for use the next wk. I like that I can buy stuff w/o much waste. :slight_smile:

Edit: forgot to add the dressing! Balsamic + dijon mustard + EVOO. I read somewhere that using an blender/immersion blender emulsifies the dressing better. Just tried that today (immersion blender), and, yup, it sure does!


Since we packed up our Wok (We got it at the Wok Shop) and moved in with my brother, I’ve been using the Wok we got him for Christmas from Surfas and like it better!!! It has a wooden handle (ours we have this silicone sleeve that gets super icky) and another front handle. It has great balance and really nice curvature so you have a nice big sear surface (Awesome for Tofu!!). We got him a Wok Ring too… although for some reason it’s not showing on their site. But anyone you get from Amazon will work too.

Taiwanese Wok: