Home Cooking 2023

Happy 2023!

Marcus Samuelsson’s Black Eyed Peas w/Coconut Milk, Stock, Ginger, Red Onions, Garlic, Jalapeños, Tomatoes, Bebere Spice, Tumeric, Scallion, Cilantro


This is my second year of making hoshigaki from our neighbors unwanted fruit. While delicious, 2021 batch went almost untouched because we didn’t snack on them as much as thought we would. Also, there’s plenty of recipes on how to make hoshigaki but hardly any recipes on what do with them.

Fast forward to end of 2022 and I don’t think we’ll have the same problem. Cutting them up and substituting 50% to chocolate chip cookies is just incredible. You get the gooey chocolate next to the chewy morsels of hoshigaki.

Made another batch for New Year’s Eve and this time added some buckwheat flour. Didn’t notice much difference but it sounds nice :blush:


Great idea adding the persimmons to cookies. I’m going to steal that.


Gotta start off the year with the traditional duk gook and other stuff. Excellent galbi jjim. My mom likes to improvise and add things like corn, mushrooms and ginko nuts. A bunch of different egg battered and fried zucchini, fish and beef slices. Fried squid. A few types of kimchi and japchae. Happy 2023.


New year, new kitchen. I’m going to miss a lot of people in SoCal, and I’m going to miss a lot of things, but I will continue to lurk in this group and contribute where (I think) it’s meaningful.
Being able to cook in a kitchen like this is definitely softening the blow. If any of y’all are ever in the Gilbert, AZ area, please reach out. the house is huge and made for entertaining. Happy New Year everyone!!!


Enjoy Arizona. Beautiful kitchen.


Great kitchen space!
Keep in touch on the board!


Thank you, Sir. Permanent move isn’t until Spring-ish. I love that there has been at least one other person here championing NOC. That includes you, @attran99, and everyone else that’s contributed. I’m finding myself a little melancholy. So many great people on this board.


I will!


Restorative chicken noodle soup made with Thanksgiving turkey/ham stock.

Happy New Year!


Took inspiration from Bavels lamb neck and mini kabob sides. 8 hr smoked pulled lamb shoulder with fixings.

Rubbed with sumac, coriander, cumin, salt and pepper.


Usually we make Soba Noodles for New Years day. Sun has a nice kit, Nijaya sometimes sells fresh bundles from Japan and Mitsuwa gets them from Ichimiann. But H Mart recently opened a location closer to use (Koreatown Plaza) and they have a grand noodle selection… so we went with these wide ones this year…

They cooked up really nice, two minutes and then although the recommended use is with soup, we added them some stirfry. Cookbook recently started carrying Transparensea Shrimp (they also have a stall at the Santa Monica Farmers Market). They are bit splurgy, at around $30-35 per bag but we two good meals out of them for the both of us.


Shrimp from Downey are now my Jam…


Congrats on teh new kitchen!! I looks like a dream! If you need to outfit it more… Le Creuset is having the FTT Sales in Phoenix for the first time in Feb. Go to the sale post to see the scores of last year’s Mystery Boxes…



What is your hummus recipe?

5 min hummus from michael solomanov (though I don’t use whole jar of tahini as stated in his recipe)


I’ll check it out thanks!

Wow, that’s a huge amount of tahini. Even watered down as he calls for it’s .85 cup of tahini for one cup of dried chickpeas. And .65 cup of water. Seems like it would be runny.


This is his 5 min recipe which is slightly different from what you posted.

I’ve never made it the exactly like his recipe (using about 1/2 cup tahini) but mainly follow it for the process of adding the ingredients to the processor.


Thank you! We already have quite a bit, but we’ll check it out. The color match with the island was completely coincidental, but we love it. I even already had a KitchenAid stand mixer in that blue. We love the house and feel like we were meant to be here.


That recipe’s weird in the same way. 1 cup tahini per can of chickpeas is twice what I use, and I use a lot of tahini. And 1/2 to 3/4 cup of water per can on top of that, only 1/4 of a garlic clove for two cans of chickpeas, and no olive oil? The guy has a very different idea of what hummus should be like than I do, seems more like a dressing than a dip.

I pound garlic with salt in a mortar, pour some o\live oil on top to keep it from oxidizing, let it sit for 30 minutes or more, put it in the food processor with tahini, olive oil, and lemon, process until smooth, add the chickpeas, and process until the texture’s about right, adding a tablespoon or two of water if it’s too dry and chunky. (I don’t like it super-creamy.)