Home Cooking 2023

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Thank you!

@WireMonkey thanks for your steps. I guess pastrami don’t need bark and most delis last step before serving is steaming. The last time I had pastrami was a brisket pastrami type thing at Heritage BBQ so my mind was thinking elsewhere.


Please report back if you do! One of my favorite sous vide applications is ChefSteps pork steaks at 140F for 24 hours. I considered it for the pastrami but it has a steaky texture that I don’t know I’d love for pastrami. Still, none of this is traditional so maybe it’s better in some ways!

I believe last year we did 180F for 10 hours or thereabouts and it was a little lacking in tenderness. That said, I’m a little curious if storebought corned beef sometimes has some kind of tenderizers because I think the comments for the recipe where we got those numbers people said the meat turned to mush so…


Pastrami. Thanks for the insight. Have the tools to make it . Ill give it a go .
Meanwhile im on the lookout for pork belly to make pancetta.


Chinese or Mexican butcher?

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Thanks . Probably neither. I’m way up in norcal .i have a rancher who is harvesting a goat for me. . Also will wrap the meat after butchering.
Im going to ask around. There’s a couple people i know. Thanks for the direction. Might still go that way.


Costco’s been carrying it for a long time.

Oh, and here’s a pork belly dish I cooked recently.


What county?

ISO advice with a less than wonderful hunk of pastrami!

I’ll admit/brag that I’m sure the last number of times we’ve had pastrami it was from Katz’s. But our local really great market had it on special so we bought a pound. I cut a little off, MWd for a few seconds and couldn’t have been less impressed. Coating was close to yucky and the meat had little fat in it and that was all in a single strip.

Trying to decide what I can do with it. I have maybe a dozen fingerling potatoes, garlic, red onion, shallot. Lots of oils and wet and dry seasonings. I just looked at the pork belly I fried recently and wondered ‘hmm?’ Any suggestions would be super. TIA.

Hash? Fried rice?

I’m thinking hash also.

Pastrami hash egg rolls with a mustard dipping sauce. If you had some sauerkraut lying around that would be good for some extra moisture.

Yeah, I’d thought of sauerkraut. If Bob calls on his way home I’ll ask him to pick some up. Thanks.


We have friends in Mt. Shasta.

I just checked and see there’s a Costco in Redding and one in Medford. For pork belly.

I’m jealous you’re getting a goat. Birria perhaps?

I remember when we first moved to the country. I had a fantasy of raising a couple of lambs. But I knew they would die of old age after I named them and gazed into their big brown eyes. So, yeah, I found a rancher who sent the meat to a packer. Much easier to deal with those small, paper pages :slight_smile:

How about Miner St. Meat market in Yreka or Shasta Valley Meats in Montague?

Checking with my friend in Mt. Shasta who’s an extraordinary cook.

I loathe going to redding Except for r&r meats .The problem is traffic and the drug problem. I floated the lower Sacramento with my guide buddy.
I could nor believe all the garbage underneath every bridge with people . Really sad for people to be in that situation.
Medford. Who built this town . Where am i going .i see where i need to be . The road goes this way .What . What ?
Miners is ok . High priced fancy polished meat .I’ll keep you informed when i find the pork belly .
Thanks . Cheers

Ah, so it’s not the food but rather the prejudice. Gotcha.

As far as Medford, which I didn’t love, all you do is exit 5, and take a right. Costco is right down there.