Home Cooking - on a road trip!

We’re going on an approx. ten day road trip (up through Eastern Oregon if it matters). We’ll likely be mostly in motels and I refuse to eat three meals a day of any kind of restaurant food. So I’m taking some things and would appreciate any ideas you have. Either mains or sides.

I’m taking (already cooked) baby back ribs, flank steak with olive sauce (MILs old recipe), meat balls and sauce (will likely precook pasta). Some boiled eggs for egg salad sandwiches. Also taking my induction hot plate and at least a skillet and perhaps a sauce pan. A few VERY basic spices (s&p, red pepper flakes), flour, sugar. Figure I can ‘toast’ bread in skillet. I don’t want to make this tedious but we think we can have a fun story to tell later :slight_smile:

I’d love to know any ideas you have for this.

Oh, and I figure I can buy premade salad at fast food places. So just one meal’s worth.

ETA; We just bought one of those plug-in Coleman coolers that actually cools so food preservation isn’t a problem



Some meals we’ve had.


That’s amazing. Looks yummy! My friend’s mother brought along two rice cookers on their 3 week trip through Canada and made 5 dishes every day from those rice cookers–soup, 2 veg, meat, and rice. I’ve made one pot meals in a rice cooker in a hotel room, but the smells were difficult to handle after a while.

Thanks! Could you please elaborate on one pot meals in the rice cooker. I assume vegetables in the steamer basket. What about meat? TIA.

I just threw some Chinese sausage and Chinese greens in with the rice to
cook. That was standard fare for our house when I was growing up. I’ve
also done a filet of salmon on top of rice. The salmon steams while the
rice cooks. Instead of using all water, I make a mix of ginger, mirin,
rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, and sake to flavor the rice. When the salmon
is steamed and the rice is done, I just mix it all together with some green
onion. You can do this with small pieces of chicken or other meat.

Thanks for that! I’m going to do some of this whether traveling or not.

And speaking of my OP, it’s been so nice to get to the end of the day and have some nice to eat without having to go out. We’ll do this more often.

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