Honda Ya Fullerton Replaced

Driving through Fullerton/Placentia last night, I noticed that Honda Ya has changed hands. The new name is Izakaya Takasei. The location is no longer on Honda Ya’s website, and there is an ad on CL for kitchen help there.

Was the new place open?

It looked like it. The parking lot was full-ish.

You can find it under the new name on Yelp but a 3-day-old review makes no mention of it not being Honda Ya. 11day-old review still calls it that. Isn’t it unusual for a seemingly overnight name only change?

That was my thought. I drive by there fairly often, and this was the first time I noticed any change in signage.

From a January Yelp review

P.S. This is a franchise!!! Due to the expiration of their franchise agreement, the name is going to change to TAKASEI in the next few weeks. All staffs will remain the same.

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So it’s basically the same joint with a different name.

Since its close to home we go here a couple times a year. We’ll try to drop by soon and provide feedback on the food, menu, kitchen, etc…

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Went tonight. Everything is essentially the same as the old Honda ya. Menu. Food. Waiters and waitresses. Prices. Plates and glasses.

We ordered our usual stuff. All of the good tasted good and the same as ever. Nothing to see here.

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