Honey Molasses Whole-Wheat (Quick) Bread, via WaPo

A non-yeast quick bread recipe. Haven’t tried it, but looks intriguing (and easy!):


(If you can’t access the recipe, let me know and I’ll screenshot or paraphrase it.)


Sadly, I have used the limit of my free WP articles so yes, if you could screenshot or paste in, that would be lovely. Thank you!

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Hope you used them on good articles!


I have the same ‘deal’ with NYT. I used to subscribe and then switched to WaPo (after a certain kinda/sorta election). I don’t care for most of WaPo’s food articles and love NYT. Oh well.

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Thank you so much!

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You’re welcome! I haven’t made it, yet, but looks easy enough.

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I hope to make it this weekend!

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