Hong Kong Plaza Food Court (West Covina) - Contemporary SE Asian (Indonesian Really) Food Court

Stopped by this recently renovated food court to check out a tip on a supposedly excellent Malaysian fried Kway Teow @ Bethania Depot. (Unfortunately the noodles were nothing to shout about… )

More interesting though was the actual food court. I was frankly blown away by the quality of renovations. The food court while modest by Westfield standards, it’s one of the nicest Asian centric I’ve come across in LA/OC. Vendors were exclusively Indonesian save for a Filipino and Hawaiian place.

Anyone checked out the other vendors?


I live close enough that I’ve tried all the spots; Janty Noodles seems to be the more popular option at this food court. I dont have that much experience with Indonesian/ Burmese style noodles but all these places seem generally lacking in Q and flavor compared to their chinese counter parts.

This whole plaza is interesting… The supermarket has remodeled a few times, Fujin Ramen recently just changed ownership, Quen Nem Ninh Hoa recently opened up and their Nem Cuon is awesome, who knows how much longer Penang can stay open.

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Glad they got the upgrade as that food court was so run down for so long. Also glad that Janty Noodle has been able to survive as it’s one of my favorite noodle places in the SGV.

I’ll have to check out Janty during my next excursion

i happened to be in the area today and looked in. i would describe it as underwhelming. a couple of places in the food court were vacant, but janty noodle and bakmi are still there. the space formerly occupied by yum cha cafe has been vacant for quite a while. not exactly a ghost town, but i kinda expected to have to sneeze from the subjective impression of dust.

i’d have taken pictures, but i think it’s better to remember it this way.

my mind still wants to translate the sign of the place to the right of the entrance as “shanxi dating” - chinese mail order brides or some such.

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Uh, actually it’s a restaurant named Shaanxi Datang.

it was more about the datang looking like dating, ergo, mail order brides.