Hotville Chicken


Here’s to hoping the lines at Howlin’ Ray’s will get shorter

Great news!

I’m guessing the Prince family is hoping they can pick off people deterred by that line. That’s the only reason I can think of why they’re opening right nearby in Chinatown. Seems like a mistake to me, but WTF do I know.


not likely

Counterpoint: Princes (at least in Nashville) is still better than HR. So, perhaps it’ll be an even better thing for those of us here now to have two options?

So true. I’m a sucker for Prince’s potato salad.

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Point of clarification: Did someone say it was a worse thing?

Where are they?

643 N. Spring Street. Here’s their Yelp page:

What makes it so good? (I love a good potato salad…)

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a bit of spice

And L.A. gets another hot eatery . Your so lucky . :bow:


Wow the yelp reviews from today are indicating this is a shit show 1.5 - 2 hour wait AFTER you order.

Anybody get in today?

Interesting. I’m in the middle of reading the Thrillist article about the restaurant bubble… tick tock, tick tock.

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Sold out around 5

Any reports since they opened?

Hi @CiaoBob,

We went. I’ll try and write up thoughts and pics soon, busy with other much better meals. :slight_smile: Suffice to say not in a rush to return.


thanks so much.

Really wanted to like this place as much as Howlin Rays due to less wait, easy parking and being close to work (for cheat meals), but not at the same level, IMO. Had both the chicken sandwich and leg quarter. Howlin Ray’s chicken is more moist/juicy and tender, and I like the spicy flavoring better. Not sure what oil Hotville uses but I think frying in peanut oil makes a big difference, as used by my two favorite chicken places, Gus’s and Howlin Rays.

The energy is great at both places. Howlin Ray’s staff is electric, but Hotville has one of the nicest ladies at the register. I want to go back just for her hospitality.

The wait to get chicken after ordering at Hotville was quite long compared to Howlin Rays.


Methinks @Chowseeker1999’s thoughts + pics is going to be a real doozy for this one.

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