House of Pies coming to the Westside

Apparently there’s been rumors (or direct conversations) about opening a second location of House of Pies for awhile (Los Feliz’s Iconic House of Pies Diner Could Be Expanding Again Soon - Eater LA).

Was driving by Venice and Lincoln this weekend, and there’s definitely framing up that looks a little bit like the rendering in the Eater LA article.

Not sure if this is old news or not, but I didn’t see anything here on it when I did a search.


I like these old school diners. Obviously not the greatest food but the food hits the spot late at night. There’s Rae’s, Norms La Cienega, and Dupars 3rd St FM so I think another would be welcome.

I miss late nights with friends or just talking late into the night at these places. I don’t think House of Pies was 24 hours.


I just looked at their IG which says Coming Soon - VENICE, CA

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I don’t think it was, either, but I’ve definitely been there “late” (like, midnight-ish?) before.

I think old-school diners are cool, too, and I like root-beer floats. If it’ll have some modern take on Googie architecture, even better.

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Have you been to Pann’s? One of my favorite diners with the googie style building. The patty melt is delicious. It’s on La Tijera so as bonus it’s a stop to and from LAX. (Y’all taking La Tijera as a shortcut right?)


No! :frowning: Driven by a couple of times, though. Is it the patty melt that they’re known for?

Good patty melt. Indeed. Huge.

Onion rings are damn good.

I’m partial to their fried chicken.


Personally I love a good diner breakfast, when I lived closer i went to pann’s quite a bit in the morning. A side of gravy to pour all over my hash browns, so good.

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Definitely the patty melt and fried chicken!

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Funny - I drive past that Venice location at least once a day, and it’s been under construction for maybe two years now. Maybe longer, ie pre-pandemic. Sign on Venice Blvd does indeed say something like House of Pies - coming 2022. BF and I were just talking on Sunday about whether it’s ever going to open.

Nice to see that Farley Elliott linked my LA Weekly article on the history of The House of Pies. I enjoyed doing the research and story behind the House of Pies, being old enough to have been a kid when they were all over. It’s interesting how many of the distinctive cottage-style buildings are still around and housing restaurants. Quite unlike, say, The Lone Ranger restaurants :grinning:

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