How, and where, is everyone going to celebrate Purim?

Good leads on Hamantaschen in LA?

I like Diamond Bakery on Fairfax–so old school.

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Canter’s baked goods are exactly what I associate with all the jewish delis back home in chicago. I can’t imagine they bake their own stuff. But if you find out which of the local kosher bakeries they buy from, that’ll be a solid choice.

Their ‘sprinkle cookies’ send me instantly back to my grandmother’s house.

They say do it in-house. Twice a day, no less.

I’m a Beverlywood Bakery man, myself. Be sure to get a few ribbon cookies, too. You know, for science or something.


Anyone have experience with Continental Bakery in Glendale?

well color me impressed. They’re not exactly cheap, but I stand by my choice.

Their bagels and challa are worthy as well. Again, all this time I assumed they were outsourced. Live and learn.

Canter’s is also responsible for my single most Jewish moment of the past 10 years. I walked in right around this time of year and saw a sign reminding people to place their pesach orders in advance. I saw it, and my immediate thought was “Oy, I gotta remember to call my mother.”


Purim is the one where your best friend’s dad builds a hut out of palm fronds in their backyard, and you get to play in it and eat lamb with apricots?

If so, that is an excellent holiday.

I also seem to recall Beverlywood Bakery as the place everyone got their cookies.


no, that’s Sukkot. Purim is the holiday to wear costumes, exchange gifts and get drunk.


You are commanded, in fact, to become so merrily drunk that you no longer know the difference between “Blessed is Mordechai.” (the good guy in the Purim story) and “Cursed is Haman.” (the bad guy)

Also, kids got to dress up in costumes and my hebrew name is Mordechai so I always thought it was about me.


it IS all about you!

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I like Bea’s Bakery. Their B&W cookies are better than Canter’s as well.


Bea’s B&W - so good. And the corn rye…

Here’s the hard thing. I always thought it was yeast versus cookie dough for the Hamentaschen dough. And it is…

Problem is, after making many versions of the yeast dough at home I’ve realized, it’s not a straight bread/yeast dough it’s more like a rich danish/croissant dough. Which is hard for me to explain to my hips :worried:

That said, if you had to choose? Go for the yeast dough, prune filled. (Or poppy, if you get really lucky. Apricot is always nice.) Any bakery that will even offer the yeast dough (it’s more work) has better odds of offering a decent one : )

Happy eating!

P.S. With Billy’s in Glendale now gone, I may end up finally checking out Continental Bakery in the Valley.

I have no idea what it is…but sure I’ll celebrate it!

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That’s one of the beauties of living in L.A., so may cultures sharing holidays, happily.