How do you like to dine...booth, table or bar?

I ask this since I am a total booth chick but if I with others and I’ll ask for a booth and there is usually someone who will complain and want a table and then I start bitchin’, since most tables are in thoroughfares of wait staff and others being seated to their table…hate that all that busyness.

Love sitting at the bar but I want a nice bar seat with a back and I don’t want to be near the cocktail station…

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Booth if possible (much cushier----especially since I’m not so young any longer :wink: ). Most chairs can become uncomfortable after a while and I agree w/ you about bar seats needing a back. The only big advantage re a table is that you can adjust the distance that your seated from it vs a booth has a fixed placement.

Booth, when tired
Bar , when I’m fired up
Table, when I have a date

If I’m with, ahem, a personal acquaintance, then a booth is probably preferable to a traditional 2 or 4-top.

Bar if I’m alone.

Shorts are a drag on naugahyde in a booth and will make you stick to the seat and if there are any crumbs, they will stick to your leg…
You almost have to peel your leg off, to move around.

What I bum out is when I sit at the bar and the bartender is a real tool.
I love how the hostess will wield her power to try and seat you at that shitty little two top, next to the waiter/busser area.
Haven’t had that move on me in quite a few years and I think I’ve learned to kiss ass a little bit…it does work!

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Wherever there is better light for my food photography.

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Wait. WTF?

You don’t bring your own RELT?

I originally employed 2, but had to can them both. Recession, you know…

What in fucks name is a relt ???

Thanks guys.

Booth usually.

If dining solo then most of the time the bar and of course easy access to a copius number of drinks usually.

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We just returned from the Alpine Pub. Tonight was a bar night. The bar provides grippingly great people watching.

If one our favorite servers is working, we’ll sit in her section. Some nights call for the patio.

Hey Dags…
I’ve always heard this place was good for craft beer and food…
Have you been to the Flinn?
What resto is in where the Bread Basket used to be?

Depends on a number of factors- the place itself being the biggest one and the number of people I am with a close second.

Really don’t care for booths over all but certain places make them enjoyable, usually old school places and/or diners.

When I am alone or with one other I lean to the bar for most casual get togethers. A corner spot is conducive for conversation and its easy to get a refill when drinking cocktails. However I find full meals at a crowded bar just that-crowded. It’s more of shared nibbles affair.

Tables are a must for any party bigger than 3 and I prefer a round table for parties of 5 or more.

Perfectly stated CYC…
Love a round table too…

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The Alpine Pub has a an excellent selection of beers, their own and several guest beers. The food is delicious. It is located in the old Bread Basket space.

The Flinn? Ha! Have not been there…looks a little sketch.

Gotta try the Alpine Pub…know exactly where it is, since the Bread Basket was a fave of my parents.

One of my friends, swore by the Flinn…never been but checked out the ‘Gallery’ on the website and I’d have to pony up and get a Harley T-Shirt and not wash my hair for a couple of days, if I was headed that way. .

Hell yeah! Ratty hair, too much eyeliner, and bad skin all the way!

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I’m a :virgo:…there is NO way, I could go out of the house, EVER, like that…
So are you…ha ha ha…you know what I’m saying!
:virgo: Chicks Rule

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maybe the hostess is being judgey because you show up in shorts?

Well, this is San Diego…everyone wears shorts all year round…plus, my legs are tanned, muscularly toned and spectacular.

If she was judgey, it was because she was jealous!

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Still cracking up on my reply. .
Does that ever happen to you all…hee hee
Truth is Truth.