How do you revel on St. Patrick's Day?

Do you prepare some traditional Irish dishes at home? Or do you enjoy visiting your local Irish pub? Have a favorite Irish dish?

In the US, going to an Irish bar on St. Patrick’s Day is a terrible idea.

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Like going out to a prix fixe Valentine’s Day dinner. But when I was much much younger I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wear green shirts and drink whiskey at Irish bars on St Paddys Day.


We’re cooking up a tender Corned Beef for this weekend. Baking an Irish Soda Bread or two as well. I’m sure we will be making a stop or two at a couple of our favorite Irish spots. Does not have to be on the day.

It’s not a movable feast.

Yeah, I’m celebrating by eating Jewish meals as long as corned beef is on sale.

This means corned beef sandwiches, on rye bread from Bea’s Bakery and homemade corned beef hash.


Me too, somewhat…

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The history is certainly true. The Irish adopted corned beef as they have German dishes. But come on, stop being downers. Let’s have a good time!.

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The American version of St. Patrick’s Day is a bad time. It’s as Irish as the American version of Cinco de Mayo is Mexican.

correct—I usually make Reubens because corned beef is on sale