How does Boston Lobster compare to OG Newport/Tan Cang?

Similar food I understand, a few acquaintances think it’s better than Tan Cang. Thoughts?

It’s like they split the Newport Seafood kitchen in two–extremely similar with slight differences in flavor. Both of the two Boston Lobster owners came from Newport Seafood, one was a chef (some say head chef, but I can’t confirm that). So which you like better is strictly based on personal taste and slight nuances. I prefer Boston Lobster, my daughter likes Newport Seafood a little better, but they are closely equivalent.

The food, ambiance, and overall experience is better @ Newport IMO

Sounds like a toss up. Thx

Tell you this much, if you haven’t been to Boston Lobster scout it out first before taking out of town relatives there.

Good alternative to the always mobbed Newport seafood. Everything was well prepared. I was especially fond of the noodles that accompanied the lobster. Soaked up all the drippings, greasy but very addictive!

Only negative is the place probably need to be spruced up a bit, esp. the toilets… @Ns1, is this what you were alluding to, re: out of town guests?


Nah. The entire ambiance is several steps below the new Newport Seafood 626, and probably still a step below the old Newport Seafood 626.

By ambiance I mean it looked like they gutted the old place, painted it white, and called it a day. I’m not even sure if they gutted the old place or painted it TBH.

That was my one and only visit to the place - I was so turned off I never returned. Nowadays I just skip lunch and hit up Newport Seafood at 4pm.

The last lobster I had in March at Newport Sesfood was legendary - so much roe, and tons combined in the sauce too. Probably the best house special lobster I ever had.


Strictly food-wise, I thought they were all pretty much equal (meaning delicious). Didn’t one of the Newport Tan Cang Chefs break away from Newport to join Boston Lobster?

Again, strictly graded on food (not ambiance), the best Newport location is OC, with Beverly Hills & San Gabriel in a virtual tie for a VERY close second.

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Yes, started by Newport alum from what I understand.

Good to hear about BH location more convenient for me and I imagine less crowded.

That is for sure…

Went to the BH Hills location for a friend’s party (they bought out the restaurant) and thought it was terrific. Only went to the SG location once many, many yrs ago (and loved it, as well).

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Somebody on the old board said it was the head chef. I have no idea if this is true, but similarities in the food are striking.