How many recipes do you know by heart?

We all love our cookbooks, but I am curious. When you walk into your kitchen, how many recipes do you actually know by heart. Years ago, I befriended a noted French chef and when I asked him the same question, he said: about 3000. Well, I don’t expect everyone to retain so much. Please share…

I’m thinking very few but I just turned 75 so I’m guessing that has something to do with it. Definitely Hazan’s carbonara.

Recipes or how to cook something? I think about what I want to eat, what products and processes will result in that, then proceed. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time I cook.


This was pretty much my answer when this same topic was posted on Chowhound. I don’t need to refer to anything to make an omelet, but I also wouldn’t say I know the recipe for “omelet” by heart.

I’m just gonna stick this here. There’s a FB site for Seattle ‘foodies’ and last night someone posted a recipe for what she called a frittata and it looked just like a quiche to me. FWIW

I know how to cook a lot of things without recipes but that’s not really the same thing.

During lockdown I made bread so often I still have the recipe memorized: 1000 g flour, 690 g water, 20 g salt, 12 g yeast.

I realized a couple of days ago that thanks to the Instant Pot I’ve forgotten the recipe I used for years for cooking rice.

I used to have Lindsey Shere’s cobbler recipe memorized but have forgotten it because we stopped going to the place where we could pick as many blackberries as we wanted.

I don’t see a crust, which is one of the main differences between a fritatta and a quiche.

I don’t need a recipe for a fritatta. I’d have to look at one for a quiche.

In the 70s I worked for a short time at Balabosta in Berkeley, one of the first restaurants in the country to specialize in quiche. Customers would regularly send them back because they weren’t hot.

I’ve had a crustless quiche recipe for probably 20 years at least.
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Si elle n’a pas de croûte ce n’est pas une quiche.

I seldom use a recipe except for cakes or cookies. Bread is rote and from experience, cooking is by whim.”,

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Chinese grandparents be like, “Uh, every single one.”

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Crustless quiches are normally called frittata

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So called crustless quiche are frequently in the food press in recent years. Probably to garner keto interest.

As I mentioned, I’ve made this for at least 20 years. I don’t really like pie or pie crust so this really works for me.

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Strictly speaking, a quiche is a rich custard baked in a crust, a frittata is beaten eggs, with no dairy other than cheese, cooked on the stove. A frittata has more cheese and typically more of whatever other ingredients.

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Putting cream on the shopping list so I can make a quiche Lorraine.

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i very rarely cook from recipes. indian home cooking (probably all home cooking) is not about set recipes but about genres of dishes. there are very few things i make the same way over and over again.

When cooking Indian food I do look at recipes to make sure that I don’t make two dishes with too-similar spice blends.