How much traffic can this site handle?

Currently this instance is on the Standard hosting plan, which includes 100k monthly page views and10GB storage.

Hi, Robert. Are there some sort of analytics that you get as the moderator/owner that will show by how much we exceed that (if we ever do exceed it)? I guess we should also just make sure to post low-res photos!

I doubt we need to worry about exceeding either of those caps for a while.

Thanks. Another question: one of the things I liked about the CH site was that it would reference the specific post (even w/i a single thread, if that makes any sense) for a given response (usually in the upper right-hand corner of the response). It was useful for very long threads. Does Discourse have that ability?

Good question. Is this threaded?

No, not threaded. Flat.

I found threading problematic on Chowhound after the CNET makeover since the indentation representing the threads only went down four or five levels, after which it could become very confusing to sort out which post people were responding to.

With a flat system, people typically make that clear in their posts.

Just use the quote feature, like I am doing in this post.

It’s a pseudo-hack for threaded view.

I didn’t even know there was a quote feature! Very cool. For me, that’s enough.

“Just use the quote feature …”

Or just copy the relevant part, paste, and add quotes.