How to get a reservation at Blue Hill at Stone Barns?

Hey all, I have a gift certificate for Blue Hill at Stone Barns but can’t for the life of me get a reservation. I tried the other night at midnight EST for a Saturday two months in advance (right as it supposedly should be added to the calendar) and literally no tables showed up.

What am I doing wrong? Has anybody reserved through a credit card concierge or anything like that?

Amex concierge.

She handles all my reservations.

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Interesting? And she’s effective even at these obnoxious, time-sensitive places?

Yes, even at places that do not take Amex or any credit cards (like Luger).

Never has let me down. And I make sure she’s appreciated come the holidays.

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Amex concierge is truly one of the best/easiest way to get a diffcult reservation

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Woah, alright it sounds like it’s definitely the way to go. Thanks for the advice!

I got mine through OpenTable. Mind you, it was for January in the dead of winter – maybe that made it a bit easier at the time. Having said that, one of the best meals ever - and what they did with a lot of root vegetable was nothing short of amazing.

I have been using the Chase Sapphire concierge this past year with pretty good results so far.

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Woah didn’t even know Chase Sapphire had a concierge. Will have to give them a call. As for the meal, I’m quite excited! If I ever get in :frowning:

I should have been more precise! I have been using the Visa Signature Concerirge services:




AMEX Concierge came through! We will be dining there in September. Thanks for the recommendation y’all! I’m quite excited.