How to Gjusta?

Been wanting to give this place a go for lunch. A prime rib sandwich sounds Delish. Figure throw in the Martian Or the Revenant for a moviel

Alas I don’t know Venice/west side at all.

Parking tips? A short stroll for desert? Order the chocolate cake.!? Which bits of the beach proper are worth lazing about given I am neither tanned, toned, nor tight, as the kids say.

Gjusta has a small parking lot that is actively managed. It’s usually full most of the hours but the turnover is usually good - it’s all luck. Street parking is the same - lots of folks work around there as well as go to Gold’s Gym. I have parked in Gold’s parking lot off 3rd Ave but that was early in the day. I don’t know if it is monitored. The street parking around the Venice Skills Center (one block further east) - Sunset, 4th, 5th and Vernon can usually have a few open spots.

Entering from the street entrance, you will see a very long counter made of display cases. Walk the entire length first so you get a lay of the land and can start summing up some choices and it’s hard to make poor choices at Gjusta. I always have a problem of limiting myself and usually walk out with too much food.

The menu boards behind and above the counter do beg you to ask questions. If you want a sandwich, and you have something in mind already (you want the prime rib butcher), ask for it straight up. This is a popular sandwich and there’s only so much prime rib so…

The salads are excellent and would probably go well with your sandwich - those are at the far end of the counter.

The baked goods are at the street-end of the counter. Really good stuff there, particularly the breads on the shelves behind the counter. If you like rustic style bread, grab a loaf to go. They hold up well, particularly uncut, for days. The fruit pies can be underwhelming if you like things sweet. I always forewarn folks that the pies here are about the crust and the true essence of the fruit. I think little or no sweetener is added. I don’t live very far away so I always get things to go including the pie. When I get home, I add a dollop of full fat yogurt or labne, sometimes whipped cream, and a drizzle of honey. A whole pie will set you back $60+ plus $10 plate deposit, so the slice is obviously more popular.

I have never gotten coffee there so I can’t comment on that. As for hanging out somewhere, the seating at Gjusta is outside and very basic. Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk is pretty much a tourist draw. If you’ve never been, then it might be worth going to but otherwise I wouldn’t waste my time. The bulk of the action is where Windward Ave runs into the beach. Anywhere within six blocks to the north or a few blocks to the south of Windward will give you the bulk of what tourists are supposedly drawn to. It gets far more tranquil (in relative terms) the further north you go. While Abbot Kinney is the obvious alternate choice, if I were to choose a far less frenetic easy-on-the-eyes locale to see, I’d pick the Venice Canals. It’s very unique, relatively tranquil, and while gentrified, there are some architectural gems there.

Very good advice from bulavinaka, about visiting both Gjusta and Venice. I would just add one more thing about ordering at Gjusta - unless they’re not at all busy (like at 7am), there’s a take a number system for ordering. The paper number dispenser is about midway down and not obvious to first time visitors. Once your number is called, the server will walk with you to all the different sections if you’re ordering multiple items. There’s also an “express” line near the front for (I think) bakery items and beverages only.

Many thanks to both of you. just the sort of stuff I like to know going in. It will be after the new year 'til I get there, but that’s just perfect advice.

I will be sure to post a followup.