How to pull in my crew from CH?

we should all thank @CiaoBob for writing in the LA Times and letting the Food Section know about FTC.


I contacted a food editor at our local fish-and-chips-wrapper a.k.a. LA Times and sent them the East Bay article, suggesting they cover the Death of the local Chowhound Board and Birth of FTC. She expressed great interest on the part of herself and our Pulitzer Prize reviewer. I think many more stories from around the country will be coming.


link please?

Does anyone know how to contact Karl S and hotoynoodle. Their in the Boston area but I’ve always read them in HC.

That’s doable, but I think they’ve eliminated the ability to see someone else’s profile. Or at least I haven’t been able to see anyone’s profile on CH. Maybe I’m not looking in the right places.

If you click on their user name, it will take you to their main page. At the top if they added their email where it says web site, that’s where it will be.

I’ve been exchanging email with the LA Times food editor. The story hasn’t been published yet. She’s interested in talking with more people so if you’re interested email or PM me and I will pass your email along.


So maybe the profiles I was looking for just didn’t have the profile info added.

Yes, I think that’s the case. I can see the website that Robert has on his profile, but no one else really has one. Look at my profile and see if you can see what I put there.

That’s Great! Good job!

Yep!!! I saw it!!! :smiley:

@ciaoBob is also responsible for letting many of us know of this site. Thanks again!


Wow. Who’d you fucking content.

I’m available for interviews. Contact my worthless agent.

The only if the interviewer is hot as shit. And potentially hot to trot.

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Ok. Let her know Bobby.

Fish and chips wrapper ???

Please explain in fucking detail.

Please excuse the fucking errors the not so smart phone is being operated by a not so smart human being.

And that ain’t no fucking joke.

Advertising on Chowhound is surprisingly inexpensive.


Are you kidding??? LOL

Awesome. hahahaha

I sent emails last night to Eater Philly, the food column of my local DE newspaper, and a local southeastern PA food blog about this site. Let’s see if any of that gets traction. If it does, then more of us can try the same strategy locally.


That. Is. Fucking. AMAZING!

What an absolute shit-show over there, that they would allow a) this site to advertise there, and b) us to put foodtalkcentral into our profiles.


You are the man, Robert.