How to pull in my crew from CH?

This site is what CH really should have been, at least in terms of format. But we need that critical mass of users. I would dearly love to publicize FTC to the core crew on the Mid-Atlantic and Philly boards, but posting on CH is not going to be possible (I’ve already had one post that mentioned this site deleted, and I presume my banishment is imminent). A few have wandered to eGullet, but I don’t think they’d stand for that sort of thing either. I only have an email address for one person, and I’ve emailed her, but how can we get more folks over here? I don’t think there is a private message function on CH (or is there?)

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This will prove difficult indeed, as TPTB over at CH seem intent on deleting any mention of alternative sites, including immedate suspension of longtime posters and threats of being BFL.

I’ll take one for the team . I served my two week suspension and it was over today . I emailed Marssy and told her I wanted to be reinstated . She wrote back and said only if I abide by the rules . I said " I have read all the all the rules and will abide by the law " . I didn’t read any of that shit . I haven’t heard back yet . Fuck I am so over that site I’m never going back . When or if I am reinstated what do you want me to post ?

Use a web anonymizer to hide your IP address and create new user accounts to solicit users.

Like this one. or


You could do a little regional PR work: If you have local food press/foodblogs that are well read, you could let them know about what’s going on over @ CH and mention that us expats have a new discussion forum. I think Robert posted this link to an article in one of the SF Bay Area’s alt weekly about the CH drama and how people were migrating to other sites (Chowhound in Crisis: An Unpopular Redesign Prompts Longtime Users to Leave the Food Discussion Website | East Bay Express | Oakland, Berkeley & Alameda).

You could also try contacting your local EATER site and give them the heads up—since they are always looking for free content ideas they may run something.

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Thanks–just want to let people on the Mid-Atlantic and Philadelphia boards know that FTC is up and running and populated by worthwhile users. The trouble is that the very heavy-handed moderation at CH is deleting everything like that within minutes. Sigh.

These are good suggestions, LAgirl–I think there are a few local blogs. Once I know that a Delaware board has been set up, I can send an email to the local newspaper also, since they have a food column with a reader mail section on Fridays, and might publish something.

what is name of the facebook page for your group

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Hiya TravelMad! Good to see you here. Since I haven’t yet lost my CH privileges, maybe I can sneak in a plug for FoodTalk.

A lot of CHs have email addresses in their ‘profile’ or whatever little that still exists.

You could add to your Chowhound profile. Click your avatar in the upper right corner, then under My Profile click Edit.


I started a WFD thread right on this very site, jpr54. Stop by!


This is what I just did:

Gone in seconds, I’m sure.

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Still there 28 minutes later.
And tweeted into the twitterverse.

… I posted too soon . In the 29th minute it became 404ed.

Robert, will you be setting up a Food Talk Central Twitter profile?

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Already 404’d.

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Gone now! Was it this? I copied rather than giving the link so excuse how much space it takes up:

SITE FEEDBACK Review Sites Site Talk
Better places to be than here:

B betterchow | 1 | 29 minutes ago
This is indeed where the magic happens.

Leave this shit show and come join us here :slight_smile:


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Mr Taster 26 minutes ago
I just joined foodtalkcentral. Beautiful, simple, clean design that focuses on the chow tips, and nothing more. It’s like the Chowhound of old. That’s where I’ll be.

Mr Taster


Check out @phoenikia’s Tweet:

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I found this site (and the other) from reading Luke Tsai’s article about CH’s redesign.

I don’t really do Twitter.

If there’s some useful way to integrate it with Discourse I’m open to the possibility.

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Great, I did this too, @robert