Howlin Dukkboki: Yup Dduk in Ktown

Perfect spot for anyone seeking to subject themselves to an evening of spicy S&M food foreplay. The Dukkboki specialist chain hails from Korea with a couple of outlets in NYC and the LA branch opened recently last Nov. Relatively small restaurant. Their specialty is the tongue numbing spicy offerings centered around Dukkboki.

The option of heat levels are mild, original and challenge. We settled on the mild ‘Yup O’ (higher ratio of fish cakes) Dukkboki, original chicken feet, fried spam and a couple of rice balls. The Dukkboki and chicken feet are the hottest dishes I’ve eaten in a while. Flavors were good but the heat level just made things quite unbearable. A couple of young Korean guys seated next to us were literally crying for their mommies mid-way through their ‘original’ heat level order.

Worth checking out if you love spicy food, but you have been forewarned. :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::grimacing:


How was the fried SPAM? Is that nori in the batter?

Yeah this is about the hottest damn thing I’ve ever eaten. I got mild as well and I’d say it’s either on par with or slight hotter than X-hot at howlin rays. I got it to go and I ate it over 4 meals bc I couldn’t handle more than a quarter each time, and even then i would have to pace myself. Reheats pretty well. But yeah it’s pretty tasty which is the only reason I even gave it the effort. For masochists only.

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@A5KOBE I believe its flecks of green onion.

@soniabegonia Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who thought it was insanely spicy!

yupdduk now offers “less than mild” for the wimps among us (aka 95% of the population who doesn’t like to punish their tongues and stomachs with their “mild”). It’s pleasantly hot, comparable to howlin’s medium or hot. Msg warning to folks on the sensitive side–not that it’s unique to yupdduk. I’ve become pretty sensitive to msg over the years and I definitely get a reaction here. I still eat it bc it’s tasty but limit the volume and frequency.


Always heard about this dish and spicy Korean food, never had anything spicy in Korean food before, so good to know someone has it!