Howlin' Ray's

Anybody try their new chicken sandwich? I’ve had their hot chicken and it was cluckin hot.

Even the chickens have bigger breasts in LA :fire: :chicken: :poop: #theyrerealandtheyrespectacular #worthit



1:05pm: i’m at the end of the line

1:06pm: no longer at the end of the line

1:08pm: i look at the baos i got at baohaus and decide how to ration them

1:09pm: with 3 baos and assuming a 90 minute wait, i calculate 3 baos per 30 minutes to sustain me through this journey

1:12pm: i eat all my baos

1:18pm: i hope i put enough money in the parking meter

1:26pm: i reach the 45 minutes to an hour from this point sign

1:31pm: if two vegans are having an argument, is it still considered a “beef”?

1:45pm: at this point i fear i may not have the strength to make it to the end and contemplate drinking my own urine to survive.

1:57pm: i meet a new friend in line and get a second wind

2:01pm: i can smell the frying poultry

2:14pm: order placed

2:18pm: if i ordered and i’m waiting for my food doesn’t that make me the waiter?

2:33pm: the breast enters my mouth :fireworks::tada:


7:44am: :fire: :poop: :fire: :poop::fire: :poop:

7:53am: fin

If eating makes you sweat is it considered cardio? #askingforafriend :cold_sweat: :runner: :fire: :chicken:


Chef Johnny’s breasts are real and they’re spectacular.



x-hot wing

the sando - boneless breast, slaw, comeback sauce, pickles, butter bun

howlin’ ray’s x bulgarini #covid15

the no-line sando

the no-line diy batter’s box


Definitely call about an hour ahead, leo was pretty busy today (must have just missed the ftc bang).

strawberry gelato

vanilla gelato

blood orange sorbet

tiramisu gelato

hazelnut gelato

focaccia, olive oil, sea salt

tagliatelle con sugo di carne

pici all’ aglione

(special) meat ravioli, clarified butter
Haven’t seen this one mentioned before

1/2 kilo strawberry sorbet

1/2 kilo pistachio


Howlin’ Ray’s
727 N Broadway #128
Los Angeles, CA 90012


I’ve had it a half dozen times. It is really fucking good!


Apparently I can only post one image per post, so here’s another in a separate comment. Let’s see if it lets me…


TO in the house!
Welcome friend.

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Thanks bob! I’m not sure how active I’ll be, but I’m here!


Welcome my friend.

That looks fucking delicious. Do they come in different spiciness levels like the chicken?

offalo - nice to see you here and in my recon to locate this chicken sandwich (I see it’s a truck), I see you’ve been keeping up the good work…so here’s some PR

Welcome the Offalo !!!

Your fans missed you ???

And that ain’t no fucking joke.

Hey theoffalo,

I think the restriction on one image per post is just for new posters (24 hrs?)

Thanks JAB, Mr_JJ, kevin, et al.

@PorkyBelly, they do allow you to specify the spiciness. I have had it from Mild (which is still spicy) to Hot. I’ve learned that XHOT is just across that pain/pleasure line. They will do it even Country Fried (not spicy at all) but I haven’t tried it.

Howlin Rays appears to be just doing Sunday this week. Normal?

Usually they operate Wed-Sun at various locations. It’s possible they just haven’t updated their calendar for this week, but I would expect them to be at Abbot Kinney tomorrow night.

i really need to hit that shit up.

today bad I have plans for fucking tomorrow night.

and that’s no joke.

but it’s a good plan.

Schedule for the week is up:

maybe I can go to AK on Wednesday

They’re serving wings now! 3 whole-segments large wings for $8, any spice level. Only on Wednesdays at The Brig on Abbot Kinney. Here’s my order:


And who said the Offalo can post on this fucking site ???

So hate you right now Mr Offalo.

And to think I had to settle for par-boiled turkey dogs tonight.

It’s quite the macabre quagmire.


I <3 you too kevin!

Don’t look at the Guerrilla Tacos thread…