How's Marvin on Beverly?

How’s Marvin on Beverly?

Been meaning to go and was going to take a date on Monday but it was closed for holiday (went to AOC instead) …suggested it to my buddy for a date the other week and he said it was excellent and good vibe.

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Great place to drink natty wine. I’ve gone there only before and after dinner but the food looked good.

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really cozy and buzzy inside on the weekends… very nice place to have great wines and some very good food… we byob’ed last time and loved it… just tried to book again for saturday but it’s closed

Thanks all - sounds nice.
Will try it this weekend.

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Bob did you end up going? Need a report

Cute place
None of the food was bad but nothing was particularly noteworthy. Won’t return voluntarily.


I dont’ remember what it was but we really liked the foods we got there the first time. Going back this weekend and will see how it is. May just end up a place for wine and apps in the future i guess.

How did it turn out?

Chez Marvin is a really good time . Perfect place for a rowdy wine soaked night

Wine from the Dolomites was great

Burger not pictured (skip)

bad entree ordering today because we had our kid with us


What about this was bad ordering? Everything looks spectacular.

The entrees. Shouldn’t have ordered burger and truffle pasta (bleh). Arctic char and steak frites or veal should have been the move.