How's Momofuku Toronto?

to all the Toronto experts,

How’s Momofuku in Toronto? There’s Momofuku, Daisho, Shoto, Noodle Bar and Nikai or something like that?

are they all in 1 complex?

How do they compare and what would you recommend visiting?


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They’re all located in the Shangri La Hotel. Noodle Bar is the cheap and casual option. It’s been a couple years since my last visit to Noodle Bar or Daisho, and I haven’t been to Shoto, so I can’t comment on recent experiences with the food. I wasn’t too impressed with the food at Noodle Bar, that’s part of the reason I haven’t returned. I was at Daisho for a special group dinner, which was fun, but I don’t remember the food being special.

Milk Bar and Nikai ate also part of the Momofuku establishments at the Shangri-la.

Shoto is the fine dining option.

For a quick meal while dining solo, go toNoodle Bar. For a fine dining experience, go to Shoto.
Toronto - Momofuku The 10 course set menu at Shoto ($150). Also consider Toronto’s favourite splurge, Splendido, which currently only serves a tasting menu, priced at $180 Dido Restaurants Toronto, Alo ($89 for 5 course set menu ) and Yunaghi’s tasting menu (which is a relative steal at $80.)

Got it. Thanx prima! :smile:

Hm, so you’d recommend skipping Momofuku and trying those other places you listed instead?

I’m giving you some ideas in addition to the Momofuku restaurants you had already heard about.

Unless you’re a huge Momofuku fan who wants to check them all off your list, I don’t see the point in visiting Momofuku outside NYC when visiting Toronto, if you are in a position where you are able to visit the NYC locations.

Thanks Prima.

I might be heading over to Toronto sooner than NY, so Momofuku Toronto would be my first visit. Thanks.

Did you ever end up going to Toronto? I’m headed there in August for the first time and would love any guidance.

Like eating in a night club. If you want the real momofuku experience go to New York. Go anywhere else in Toronto.


Hi @js76wisco,

Sorry for the delay. Yes, I ended up going. Momofuku was just OK (not bad, but not great, with some misses and hits). As for other places to go, I’ll have to go back and see if I can find my notes (it was a while ago). I’ll post back if I find something, thanks.

Depends what kind of restaurants you like. I generally like neighborhood spots and drinks/snacks kind of places and natural wine. My list below will reflect that. If you hate natural wine and like fancy places then you might not enjoy these places. Toronto is pretty good for that stuff too (Alo is supposed to be great) - I’m no expert.

Edulis - especially the Sunday Sideria lunches
The Black Hoof for charcuterie. All of Jen Agg’s spots are great.
Chantecler - bistro classics, in a fun, cozy and unpretentious setting
Montgomery’s - Modest room, interesting food, unique point of view, vaguely Canadian
Brothers - new place with a small menu, small room, minimalist and delicious
Bar Isabel, also Bar Raval - fun Spanish places
Union - Small bistro inspired place
Bar Begonia - Good cocktails and French snacks eg. fries, tartare. Charming room
Midfield Wine Bar - great delicious and weird wines and snacks
Honest Weight in the Junction for seafood
Oyster Boy for oysters
Bierra Volo for great beer
California sandwiches in Little Italy for veal sandwiches

Thanks for the feedback. I’m headed there with the family which includes 2 little ones so we are happy with more casual neighborhood places. I had a couple of these on my hit list and will check out the others. We are staying at CN Tower and visiting all of the usual touristy spots so trying to stay near walking distance/public transportation.

Ok, good to know. I would say that lots of the places on the list may not be great for little kids but Le Select is a favorite of mine. It’s very charming with better than average classic bistro food and has a great kids menu if you kids want to feel grown up.

Bar Isabel was the highlight of our trip. Great little place and excellent tapas. We really liked the area. There was a gelato place a few blocks away called Dolce Gelato. They had a toasted marshmallow gelato that was amazing. Outside of stuff I’ve had in Italy and at Bulgarini this was the best. It mixed so well with the chocolate. I felt like I was eating an iced version of s’mores.

The other places we really enjoyed were
Soma Chocolatemakers for their chocolates, toffee, gelato and sorbet. Great shop.
Forno Cultura for the coffee and excellent Italian pastries which reminded us of being in Italy.
Pizzeria Libretto was very good. Kids and adults liked the pizza, meatballs and well priced wines.