Hua Juan / chinese flower rolls w scallion

Any one know where to get the frozen ones? We usually hit yi mei on Rowland heights but any other places make good ones? Can do Irvine, SGV. just looking for the best I can find!

99 Ranch Market

are those good? we really like the ones at yi mei, but were interested in others as well.

Go across Colima. In the food court of Pacific Plaza (where Newport Seafood is), the store (I forgot the name) on the right side as you walk in. They have different kind of meat pies, dumplings, baos, etc. All good.


Ah yes, I think we’ve tried that one! Is that the same plaza as Little Bean? We slightly prefer yi mei but these were good as well!

That place is legit! I think they are Shandong peoples so they specialize in all that carby goodness

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