Huaiyang style clay pot chicken with chestnuts

So I used to love th Clay pot chicken with chestnuts 砂鍋栗子雞 at late Giang Nan (得月樓) restaurant in Monterey Park. It had a sort of sweet soy based sauce. Delicious. Chicken was on the bone but it’s not necessary for me.

Does anyone have an idea of a place that makes this now? I looked at a few places but it’s not on their menu

i recall shanghai restaurant in focus plaza offering a chicken/chestnut dish i really liked. 栗子鸡煲 ( chestnut chicken ) it may not be the dish you’re looking for, but my comments on that dish (from about six years ago) are as follows:

“chicken with chestnuts. this might be one of my favorite dishes ever. the chestnuts under pressure dissolve into a creamy chestnut-ty essence that seemingly lubricates its way into your stomach. just amazing.”

i’d forgotten about this dish until your post. thanks for the reminder.

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Yes. that would be the dish. Shanghai restos in general have Huaiyang food, and Zhejiang/hangzhou/ningbo/shaoxing dishes, and a few idiosyncratic Shanghai dishes.Thanks.