Hungry Cat, Hollywood

Had some excellent Oysters Rockefeller and very fresh Soft Shell Crab last night at the Hungry Cat. The Pimlico cocktail was tasty. Amy Poehler was at a nearby table with an unidentified woman.

I need to go back soon sometime for the Pug Burger.

Allow me to rephrase.

I need to go back soon sometime for the Pug Burger, but hold the beef and bleu cheese.

The combination of bacon, avocado and fried egg is just stupendous. And the firm, crusty sourdough bun is the perfect complement to that combo of mushy avocado, crispy bacon and runny gooey egg. Good shit.

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Making me hungry.

I had a girlfriend who ate here a few years back - she ordered some clams and one had “something in it”. Turns out to be a rather rare pearl which she sold for a few thousand bucks.

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That’s crazy!

We used to quite like going to the SB location and always ordered their chorizo clams with kale. Sick dish. Hope the LA location does those.

It’s on the menu at the Hollywood location.