Huntington or Seal Beach Recs for Lunch Saturday

Haha exactly. Not quite up there with the joints a 16 hour flight away but it definitely hits the cravings without LA traffic or high prices.

@TheCookie, I probably should have withheld Golden Olive for another scenario, as HB can be busy on warm summer days. But if you’re ever in the area later, certainly give it a look. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I am unfamiliar with much else in the area.

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When I say early, it’s best to be there at about 6AM/6:30AM. We usually have pretty good luck between towers 15-23. Parking usually includes in and out privileges, so someone can go get supplies if we run out.

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in both Long Beach or Seal Beach


We’re actually in front of it at Sunset Beach. Seal & Bolsa were ridiculously crowded.

Edit: Now I’m told we’re not. It’s a mile north.

Beachwood is solid. The beer selection is great, too.

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Sandwiches gone, hungry again. All this crew needs to hear is “bbq”.


Beachwood BBQ - Seal Beach

#10 - The Bruery Etain, Bourbon B.A. Ale - $9.50

My sweetheart loved this strong ale with its rich, dark sweetness, good foam (took a sip before photo), low fizz.

I rarely like restaurant bbq sauces, but these have 4 distinct and tasty flavors.

1/2 Baby Backs / Tangy Slaw / Blue Cheese Grits

Good meat to fat ratio, tender, no discernible smoke rings, upside is no heavily smoked, lighter fluid flavor, not salty (a problem w/most bbq now). The meat has a really nice apple flavor, which seems to come from actual apples or cider, not the overpowering “applewood smoked”.

Cold Smoked & Grilled Salmon w/Cucumber, Herb, Buttermilk Relish / Corn / Potato Salad

I did not like this and it was my fault. We had discussed (on other threads) the disappointment of ordering a random dish instead of what the place is known for, in this case bbq. The salmon was overcooked and the cold smoking lit up my tongue. The corn smelled so f-ing good on the way home - unfortunately the imagined was better than the real. The potato salad & relish were warm after an hour in the car and we threw them out.

We would really like to return for a sit down meal before giving a full assessment. The littlest member of our group (1yr) had had enough by this time.:hugs: He and his parents cut bait without eating and we decided on take-out.

Great day at the beach!


love the beers from Beachwood, especially the blendery sours.

Another option I’ve liked in Seal Beach is 320 Main. First heard about it after I read Jonathan Gold’s LA times list of LA-area cocktails in 2015, where he mentioned the gimlet. They have some interesting weekly specials (loved the Tiki Tuesdays, 10% off for wearing tiki shirts; also Sunday is happy hour all day), and the bar program was overall very good, especially for the area. The service could be slow, but the food was enjoyable overall, if somewhat generic New American style.

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