Huntington or Seal Beach Recs for Lunch Saturday

Meeting some folks from Laguna Niguel Saturday. We’re driving from Culver City and don’t know any restaurants in that area, other than Marche Moderne, farther South. Two people have very limited ideas of exploration, one of them being allergic to shellfish. Can anyone help with this?

Would you settle for Long Beach instead of Seal Beach?

If so, consider Restauration.


It’s a possibility. Thank you, I will look it up.

Thank you. I’ll check that out, too.

Restauration and Bluegold look great but neither is available near the time we want. Other suggestions?

LXSO the spinoff of Little Sister in Manhattan Beach and DTLA and within Bluegold.

Food is great, service is okay.

I asked almost the same question last year. Here are the suggestions I got

(I have no idea how to do the hyperlinks on my phone…sorry)
We ended up at the Green Street Cafe because someone from our group recommended it. For a bunch with 15 people (including kids), it was good.

Any Sandwich or Deli recs for early afternoon picnic on Seal Beach? I was going to make Chicken Salad, but the thought of poaching breasts in this weather… :sweat:

It’s not Seal Beach, but Golden Olive is quite good. House made pita and typical Lebanese fare.

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Looks yummy @DoubleThinker.

I’m ignorant of the area. Is it easy to come from L.A. get off in Huntington Beach then street drive to Seal?

Same question about Huckleberry’s Famous Sandwich on Gothard St. Have you been? Which place do you prefer for beach eating? Is it easy to p/u and drive to Seal? :blush:

PCH from Seal Beach will take you to HB where teens/young adults prefer to go but can get crowded and boisterous.

Since you’re not familiar with the area, how about these:


Wow, these are great! Good updates for this thread.

Just what my husband said. Straight to Seal Beach for us then. :wink:

In case you have young kids, we used to take ours to Mother’s Beach.

While you’re down south and if interested, you won’t be that far from Westminister/Fountain Valley–lots of recs here. There is Little India in Artesia (605, Exit South Street, go East then left on Pioneer) + other ethnic eateries & chains.

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Busy Bee in San Pedro is a local legend.


Katella is a local favorite of ours…because we are inevitably too lazy to drive into the city. I rather enjoy their pastrami on rye and pickles.
We usually spend our beach days at Bolsa Chica. We get up super early to get a fire pit on the beach before going back home to get some sleep. En route to Bolsa Chica from the 405/605/22 exits are a Gelsons and a Whole Foods. The Vons/Pavillions is the last grocery store you can stop at for supplies before arriving at Bolsa Chica.

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Golden Olive!!

Fresh Pita $1
Garlic Sauce $1

Best damn bargain eat in OC


Can I give you a double heart for this? Will do!

This was kinda’ last minute so we decided to do Sprouts. We needed ice and other provisions. They were out of the Chix Salad, we got Pre-made & Made-to-order Sandwiches and other stuff.

We have near and dears in the area and plan on spending a good amount of time with them this summer. All recs are welcome!

This is turning out to be a good thread revival.

Thanks Everybody!

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Hah! That’s why I mentioned it. I saw your post!