Huo Zhou Wang Replaces Pa Pa Walk With Premium Congee

This seems to be a first in the neighborhood. Huo Zhou Wang specializes in congee, starting at $12.99 for spare rib congee. Apparently it’s market pricing for live seafood such as crab, lobster, shrimp and abalone. They also have frozen seafood (e.g., frog, sea cucumber) at fixed prices. Marinated dishes and appetizers too. Huo Zhou Wang is next to the San Gabriel Hilton at 227 W. Valley Bl., #148B in San Gabriel.

Have you tried it? Is it any good?

Only had time for appetizers, which were inconclusive. 2 Yelpers are pleased, but they may be friends or family

The high end dim sum guys do live seafood congee for dim sum.

Ordered lobster congee at Elite and Sea Harbour before.

JZhou also does an array of live seafood congee also.

Yes. I’ve had the lobster congee at dim sum. This is the first pure congee genre place I can recall since Congee King in Monterey Park, and that wasn’t an upscale place. (And as to be distinguished from The Congee which has wonton and noodles, too.)

Personally, I don’t like live seafood in my congee.

Preserved, dried, or even cured, seafood is the way to go.

The warm, mucus-like medium of the congee saps the brininess and umami salinity of the seafood. Not good.

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Thousand year old egg, baby.

I could have mentioned this weeks ago, but forgot! Further proof of my slipping :wink: Tony C mentioned this in one of his updates (though originally had it in the Memory Fish Pot space). I popped in briefly, looked over the menu.and noticed from the pricing, waiters attire, menu and decor that they were going for a more upscale approach. They also have beef and other meats, should you not be seafood inclined. I mention that because the waiter seemed to want me to be aware of that option :slight_smile:

I see your 1000 year old egg, and raise you some 烏魚子.

Add a touch of 醬瓜, and a dash of 醬菜, a few pieces of 油條, and we’re all good.

We are indeed all good.


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apparently there’s a new congee place on valley a few doors down from kang kang

noticed it while getting a pork chop rice at old country cafe across the street. didn’t have the inclination to take a look inside, though.

Is congee the new boba?

Come August, will we see cold-brew congee? Sweating just thinking about it.

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Actually The Congee is the place I mentioned a few lines up as not being a pure congee restaurant, but also serving won ton and noodles. It opened up 7 or 8 years ago, replacing Wonton Time, which has since re-emerged as Noodle Boy. The Congee did open up a second branch recently on Gale Ave. in Industry.

thanks for the clarification.

and FWIW, roast duck & 1000 year old egg porridge at sam woo works for me

Opened up Oct of 2008.

As the Cantonese baby boomers die off, so will congee restaurants. $5 for a bowl of “maggi chicken” congee is about $3 too many.

And I corrected myself re: Huo Zhou Wang opening at the old PPW instead of the Memory Restaurant.

It was impossible to tell even after talking to the contractor working at the old Memory Restaurant space

a lot of cantonese places in general are already gone and not likely to be replaced. i once entertained the idea of starting a congee truck about 20 years ago. but i had trouble finding identifying dive bars that would be a source of customers at 2am. the only other viable place would have been to wait for all the groups that met at FCBC in chinatown to get out on friday nights.

about 15 years ago i had a co-worker form shanghai who took me to a place that allegedly served authentic shanghai-ese cuisine, the place is long gone, but it was more a 3-5 item buffet and rice porridge was a popular option when it came to starches. i do not recall seeing porridge as a menu option any shanghai place i’ve been ever since though.

Eddie Lin reviews.