I am going to buy 1 cast iron item. What should it be?

I currently have a bunch of lodge skillets/griddles of various sizes.

I am currently looking at the 5.5 le creuset dutch oven round. Given that I already have CI skillets/griddles, is this likely to be the most used cast iron item afterwards? I would prefer to buy something that’s going to get a good amount of use…

I’m not entirely stuck on LC either if you have other suggestions.

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We have around 30 pots and pans, and that’s the one I use most.

If you go camping or do campfire cooking, consider getting a Lodge:

Two reasons

  1. Main reason: you can load the lid with coals better.
  2. You will be hesitant to put that nice enamel finish pot in the sooty campfire. (And if you don’t wash it right away that sparkling enamel finish will be gone forever.)

Also, I found this article that may be of interest when trying to choose between La Creuset, Staub, and Lodge.



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I know that not everyone grows up with a culture of camping, but some of my best and most memorable meals have been while camping.

Camping is a great excuse to sit around, snack, drink, and cook over an open fire all day.


I’ve got a LC knock-off from Costco purchased about 10 years ago. It’s still sparkling new even though I use it about once a month. I have the grill pan, too, but I still prefer using the actual grill. I’m still not sure why someone would gift me the LC grill pan.

We had the lodge cast iron dutch oven… that thing was SUPER heavy. The handle was terrible. And it was a PITA to clean. We happily gave it away.

Right now on my wishlist is this Lodge Pie Plate. It’s so lovely! Would probably make some beautiful Corn Bread as well as pie…

Grill Presses are also a great thing to have if anything for Panninis or to get nice crispy chicken skin… They come in various sizes.


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I use my 9-quart LC dutch oven all the time. I love it. It and 50/50 custody of my son were about the only things I fought for when I divorced my first wife.


Just like Nike shoes get 1 size bigger than you think you are going to need -7 quart. if you are only going to have 1.

We have a size 34 (13.25-quart) but I very rarely cook anything that exceeds the capacity of the 26 (5.5-quart). And I’m always worried I’m going to dislocate a finger when washing the big fucker.

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The other question is Oval or Round?

Round. Even heat distribution.

We have a couple of oval ones but I never use them except when cooking something oblong such as a tied roast or whole bird.


Not Le Creuset … however you can find some good deals here for something similar. I’m fond of the cock

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LOL. Agreed on the washing. I can imagine anything bigger than my 30 being a total pain. My ex got the 26 in the settlement, but it was a little small for what I use it for anyway.

Buy me one too please. thank you.

Not sure if you have committed yet, but King Arthur is having a pretty intensive sale on Staub Dutch Ovens, Shop King Arthur Baking Company.