I Am What I Eat

I spotted Chandavkl in a series entitled The Melting Wok, a look at Chinese food in America from the Chinese language website and magazine called, WHYNOT/WAINAO. This episode focuses on preserving Chinese American identity through Chinese food. Other episodes have covered next generation Chinese American chefs and entrepreneurs and the revival of historic Americanized dishes.


Chandavkl’s blog is always interesting.


Thanks for the plug. Actually the Chandavkl blog is my miscellany repository for things like pictures of what I ate on vacation and other fairly short articles. My real work (as alluded to in the vignette in your post) appears in what I call Chandavkl’s Menuism Blog, a collection of over 100 articles on Chinese restaurants in the context of Chinese American history and demographics, largely previously published in third party websites, https://chandavkl2.blogspot.com/