I ate a $600 meal at SF's 'highly lauded' Lazy Bear. Was it worth it?


I want one of you “the skies the limit” kids to eat here. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a description as wonderful as this. Let me know.

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She was comped and didn’t mention it in the review. SF Gate added a note saying that but it’s still garbage.

PorkyBelly recommended it years ago. Presumably any review was on Chowhound.


It’s a bit hard to take an author serious who raises the question if something is worth spending money on but then never mentioning that he/she didn’t actually had to spend their money to eat there - so the article is just a paid advertisement.
Most likely the author would have had a very differently written article if he/she spend their own money


You’re being rude. Stop posting about this or I’ll suspend you.