I ate some "Aged Beef" that was almost ten years old

I recently found a rib eye roast that had been hiding in the back of my non-frost free freezer. Turns out it was almost 10 years old. Like any other rational human being, I decided to cook it.

After defrosting, the fat looked strange. It was quite leathery and tough, so I removed the fat that was easy to access. Other than that, the meat looked pretty normal. I marinaded it soy sauce, garlic, lemon juice, and some wine. I roasted it in my oven.

The taste was on the funky side. You could tell that it was aged beef to the extreme. The rib portions were decently tasty, though not nearly as good as from a fresh rib eye roast. The rest of the meat was a different story. It was very dry–the marbled fat didn’t make a difference.

Moral of the story: don’t wait ten years to cook a rib eye roast.


Yea , I know that one . Last year I ate abalone that has bee in the freezer since Taxi was on prime time television . Not very good at all .

So much for budget cryogenics.

At least you’re alive to tell about it. ;o)

WTF ??!! Do you guys ever clean your fridge/freezer???

I think a better question is “Do you guys ever buy new fridges/freezers?”


Has he posted since?

Of course I clean my fridge–every ten years…

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