I eat pizza with a knife & fork: what of it?

I sometimes use a knife & fork eating pizza. Why? There are times when the slices and toppings are just too messy and unwieldly. Not a big fan of folding a slice either. There are no hard and fast rules. Why are some bothered by this?

Using a knife and fork for pizza at Mozza, Pizzeria Sei, any Chicago deep dish makes perfect sense. There are a bunch of places that are in between Neapolitan and NY that you could use a knife and fork on. Getting a slice on a paper plate at Joe’s on Bleecker St or Pizza Wagon and using a knife and fork is just plain weird. But to each their own.


Shameful, blasphemous… time for tarring and feathering.


I’m the opposite, I will eat anything with my hands. Meatloaf, pasta, soup.

Hell, yesterday I bobbed for matzoh balls.


You clearly didn’t grow up in the South. Shame, shame, shame :slight_smile:

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We ‘real’ Southerners have never considered Florida “the South.”


We used to say the farther south you go in Florida, the farther north you’re actually going.

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Love it and I agree. Tallahassee (?sp) is acceptable as is the panhandle.

You guys are really splitting hairs.
I was squiring around a French friend who asked to stop at an IKEA. Among other things, he bought one place setting of stainless flatware. Odd to me, but what do I know. Later in the day, he asked to stop at an In-and-Out, where he ordered a hamburger. At table, he whipped out his newly acquired flatware and attacked his burger… Looking at me, he said, "I am a Frenchman. I eat my burger with knife and fork.

Works for him, works for me.

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We used to have a place in Rio. They eat their burgers with a knife and fork. And pick up a sandwich with a napkin.

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I eat hot dogs with a knife and fork. What of it?


In a bun? We have hot dogs in chili so a fork, with the dogs cut in pieces.

While in no way trying to be elegant, just practical, I wrap a bunned hot dog, taco or sub in a 12" x 12" waxed square in order to guide the whole thing into my mouth rather than down my front. I even carry a ziploc bag of these sheets in the car to be safe…

I should do that with chicken feet at dim sum :slight_smile:

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I picture Seinfeld where George was eating his snickers bar with a knife and fork and then they talked about someone eating M&Ms with a spoon.


I prefer eating pizza with a knife and fork. A true neapolitan pie . Rather than the over cooked hockey puck cooked pizza.

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The ex-mayor of New York City made the ‘mistake’ of eating a slice of pizza with a knife & fork on the campaign trail. A big hubbub ensued among so called aficionados. So silly…

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Was not nearly as bad as the toasted bagel incident. Never toast a fresh bagel. And somebody else running for mayor said their favorite bagel was cinnamon raisin with cream cheese and lox. :nauseated_face:


he was elected? omg!

So even if bagel is not warm but fresh it should not be toasted?

Not from East coast so had no idea. I’ve always loved toasted because it goes wel with cream cheese