I emailed georges

Here’s his email address : georges.haddad@cbsinteractive.com

Here’s my email and his non-response.
Who’s this?


On Sep 24, 2015, at 8:53 PM, catholiver catholiver@aol.com wrote:

You gave me the heave-ho a year ago and I’ve rarely looked at CH since then. But then CH friends started emailing me. What on earth have you done? Do you know that hundreds have bailed, and some have started quite workable sites. A closed mind is my least favorite thing in the world. You’re the worst and the others will prevail. Looking forward to hearing/reading that you’ve been fired.

God, maybe he doesn’t even know what “CH” stands for… =P

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I sent a similar comment to him and the head of cbs intearctive-no responses either


honestly, why give a flying fuck about these folks? Thanks to Robert and our community we have a new home.


I’m not into genealogy but I suspect I have some Sicilian blood in me. I can be vengeful. An Old Testament streak. Not really into turn the other cheek :slight_smile:

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Eh, I don’t give them too much thought (esp since I’ve never run afoul of them, aside from having my posts deleted), but it’s just disappointing to hear how stinky they are.

Agree, very thankful that we have a new home. :slight_smile:


Did you really think you’d get a response to that email? If someone I don’t know sent me one saying “Screw you, you A–hole!” I wouldn’t answer it either. But seriously folks… I doubt we’ll ever know if the mess at CH was a planned upheaval or just a colossal fail. I’m still trying to make the mechanics work for me and it’s almost back to normal except the geographic community focus has been deeply compromised by the tagging structure and that was what really made CH CH. oh, well,… georges is a ‘VIP’ apparently and someone who worked at Google must be smarter than all of us!!! The ones I feel for are the lead mods who have to deal with all the crap being thrown at them.

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Well, I did get a reply to the first email :smile:)

I’m finding that FTC is giving me everything that CH did. And is even easier than the last few “improvements.” It’s so easy I find myself continually surprised.

I haven’t been on CH in a year but see that established CH’s are bailing right and left and that’s going to have an effect on the site. And some who are staying, for now, aren’t posting much at all. If they’re looking to draw people to the flashy, magazine style they’ve created I don’t see that giving nearly the depth.

Curious what this site lacks that CH provides.

All I know, Midlife, is that I am glad you’ve joined us.

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Reading this made me think of our old home. In doing so, it put me in the mood to wax philosophically. Firstly, with no reservations and to quote our resident Philosopher @TonyC, no fucks given for Chowhound nor it’s staff. Secondly, the old bible verse; you reap what you sow comes to mind in regard to them.

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Well said.

CH still has its ancient coffers as a database. Ie one one favorite reviews from a little known joint that has been now defunct for over a decade and half called Mannys Bistro. And the owners beyond fucking fiendishly dirty and idiosyncratic sense of humor.

Oh and some tasty home style grub.

Cuban cheeseburger anyone for fucks sake ??? With a half assed CaesR salad.

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