I found a new scale

I am popping in because I want to make a recommendation for a scale. I’d been using the Oxo scale for years, but it’s developed this terrible habit of sucking every droplet of water into its battery compartment, then corroding itself. It didn’t just happen with one, it happened with two or three. I didn’t want to buy another one. But as I was searching there was nothing that was similar enough to it because I really liked the Oxo scale. However somewhere in the deep dark internets I found one. It’s an Oxo scale on steroids it’called the My Weigh Maestro. It does grams and ounces simultaneously. It’s more accurate than the Oxo. It also has this somewhat useless, but sometimes helpful helpful tiny scale in it. it’s hard to fit a container to hold what you’re weighing on it. Plus, for just over 60 bucks it was priced decently. I was debating buying $150 Taylor from Surfas. I wouldn’t run out and buy one to replace what you have, but if you have a need for a new one, this is the one to get.