I got $10 bucks for lunch

I think the chips are made in-house now; not completely sure. But they’re pretty decent.

And as to the hot sauce, if you like salsa, this is an especially good place. I always use all of the fresh salsa that comes to the table with food here. Great flavor and it transforms anything on the menu into “really good”. On my personal hotness scale it’s about a 6, so nice and hot but not blazing.

The chips have always been made in house and they rock. Thick and crunchy. The best bean and rice scoops evah.

Agree that the salsa is a 5 or 6 heat wise where 10 is on fire. You can eat in, but really better for take out. I also firmly believe that their Carne Asada Burrito is one of the best in San Diego. Would never cut in half like this though.

This place is generally a haul for us, but try desperately to get take out at least one or two times a month. We absolutely crave this stuff and go through withdrawals after a week or so. Remember that they are closed on Sundays :frowning:

Yes the carnitas sell out quickly, so order early.

Damn, those chips with guac look delicious!
Salsa looks a little watery…maybe it was just made.

Salsa/hot sauce is made fresh daily, but that is the usual consistency. Lots of fresh chiles (jalapeno & serrano)!

Maritza’s salsa is liquidy, yes, but packed with minced chilies, etc. Greener in color than it looks in RISD’s photo (not a criticism, Rhonely). And that’s how much she’ll give you if you order just one thing.

P.S. I think the chips are better now than they were a long time ago, even if they’ve always been house-made.

Just had a sausage plate at TipTop- less than $10.

Yah, but is has a nice fresh punch, even Dr. Chow would probably agree.

Get there Plummie! I think you should consider a day of ‘great sin’ by beginning at Studio for a PM then head over to Matitza’s for chips and salsa. If you’re not sure take another look at the pics rhonly put up on his post.

Tip Top is a total deal, excellent sausages, I tried their streak and stein a while back, I mean $15.00 that’s a no brainer.

Hi Doc,

I’ve been eating at Maritza’s since 1985 (when a close friend who lived in the neighborhood turned me on to them) and I don’t think the chips (or anything else for that matter) have ever changed. In fact with the exception of a few “special” additions, I don’t think the menu has changed at all. And still the same recipes, the same line cook (Carmen’s husband) and still the same front of the house (Carmen) for the last 30 years. She has watched my kids grow from babies to adulthood and always asks about them. Carmen is a rock, and her place has become a permanent and beloved Clairmont hole in the wall.

I just realized something. In all that time, I don’t think I have ever eaten inside the restaurant. Always take out.

Fathom for an Explodo Dog or in your case a house-made Chicken, Basil, Sundried Tomato sausage roll.

Crispy potato tacos from Mama Testas

Shrimp burrito from Tony’s Jacal.

Btw has The Linkery resurfaced anywhere

It is now the Half Orange in Oakland/Fruitvale. Jay has also just recently opened a more upscale restaurant in Oakland with the Salsipuedes


You went outside the 8 mile sphere of existence to MH?
How was the LA area?
Did you wear your Lederhosen…did you meet up with the Honk?

Sausages…do they make one for the BC that is stuffed with veggies/garlic/chiles…that sound so friggin’ good!


On the look out for Potato taquitos smothered with grated cheese, guac and sour…could devore 5 of those crispy bad boys right this very second!!

A day of ‘great sin’ isn’t going to be involving Studio Diner and then to Maritza’s, if you know what I mean. . .


Tip Top Meats is good for buying some stuff (good butcher) but the food there is not good (really didn’t like the sausage plate last time we tried it)