I got $10 bucks for lunch

Where are you sending me?

Supernatural Sandwiches.

Get the Hydra. I’ll cover you for the tax and tip.

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El Pescador Baja Fish Taco Truck in CV.

JT’s Thai, their spicy lime salad has your number on it with fried tofu.


Tommy’s Tofu Tent?

Hah! Well, since you seem to be on a beef kick chica (ref patty melt thread), I’d send you to Notorious Burger for their $9 lunch special. Drink, fries, and a burger/sandwich of your choice. Good stuff.

Seriously, the #8 special (Ckn ench/chile relleno) at Maritza’s is never far from my mind. Even the chips and salsa that come with it are outrageously good! Second choice would definitely be the carne asada burrito (but you don’t eat beef!).

Cornered beef hash and eggs from fucking Claytons. Pie is good but it will put you over your limit.

Hugh’s House of Hummus?

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Tommy’s Tofu Tent… :circus_tent:


F*cking pie all day long and that ain’t no joke. .

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Carnitas Snack Shack and get one of the vegetarian dishes (beet terrine) or one of the chicken/turkey dishes

Agree about Maritza’s chilie relleno, fresh chips, and especially the salsa, a recipe handed down from her mother (who by the way owns Carmen’s). You absolutely have to add some of the salsa here, de rigueur. Just had it for lunch yesterday, in fact, an unnumbered plate that comes with beans (which are soupish mush, but you can’t have everything) for $5.

Bake Sale
Dumpling Hut
Mr. Fish and Chips
Shaba Thai
J & T
Embargo Grill
Marketplace Deli
Deli Llama
Mr. Falafal
Anny’s Burgers
Canada Steakburger
Kabob House

Is Maritza’s the place in Clairemont behind a 7/11 in a very dated strip center?

Yes, go on Weds for the carnitas. Suck up the salsa, it’s da bomb!

I think you have the right place, but no 7/11 there ever that I can remember. A gas station that converted to a market once upon a time in the 90s…

Haven’t been in years but I remember it was good…their chips were if I recall out of a bag…hope that has changed.

I like salsa so hot that it will put Dr. Chow on a Pace salsa bottle…

Sledge…never ever will I eat carnitas, so give up, home boy! The salsa I am known to drink it out of the to go containers if its really hot and spicy…reminds me of someone I know! :volcano:

The gas station on the corner was converted into a small market where I used to pick up fresh veggies for dinner. Has it been since the 90s? Sadly, that went away, and now there’s an internet security company there that looks like a bunker and has razor wire in back.

Originally the anchor store in this little neighborhood strip mall was one of the major grocery stores, I don’t recall which. Then for many years it was Frasier Farms, a great place including on-site coffee roasting, with lots of business. I never understood why they left. After that the place was briefly a Kosher market, then a Korean market, and finally Greentree Grocers, which was also a great store. Alas, after they left, a catering business moved in and re-did the exterior in a hideous way. And when they finally gave up during the Great Recession, the store remained unoccupied for years, and still may be, not sure. By outward appearances, it looks like Walter White may have moved in.

Maritzas has been there almost the whole time, I think, or at least a good part of it. There’s a Keg and Bottle liquor store there (not a 7/11) that has a pretty impressive selection of beers (especially inside their walk-in refrigerated “beer cave”). And a couple of other stores. But it’s pretty darn ugly.

Still, Maritza’s is a draw for a casual meal, and the carnitas that cstr mentioned, available only on Wednesdays, is made in-house and pretty good.

In the 30 years I have been going the chips have always been home made. Big extra thick and extra crispy. Just their thick corn tortillas cut up and fried right. The best chips I have had almost anywhere and best taco shop chips hands down. We always order extra. Go for the #8 combo with extra red sauce. You won’t forget it.

The salsa is so fresh and flavorful and has a pretty good kick. Always request extra salsa containers, because they have gotten a bit stingy with it over the last couple years.