I Got Pok Pok Tickets

Pok Pok in Chinatown is having a one day soft opening Tuesday Oct 20th. A prix fixe meal @ $30 for lunch or $50 for dinner. I was able to snag some lunch tickets and will report back…

"We are excited to have you dine with us! However, due to the nature of this event, we are unable to accommodate special seating or dietary requests.

This is a training experience for both our kitchen and service staff. As such, please allow ample time to dine. Thanks in advance for participating!"

Tickets are going fast at this link. Tock - Reservations - Restaurants, Bars, and Wineries | Tock

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Parties of 1 & 2 are already sold out…

so they want you to pay for their training.

lolz SMFH, sod off.


For real. Settebello offered it up for free, including alcohol, when they opened in Newport.

I went back to back nights :wink: How are they doing these days? Are they ever close to full?

This is the full restaurant and is not yet open, you maybe thinking of Pok Pok Phat Thai http://www.pokpokphatthaila.com/ ,the smaller noodle shop. Both Pok Pok’s are in Chinatown. Pok Pok LA - Los Angeles Delicious Food. To Fit Your Lifestyle

I was discussing settebello and failed at the quote tool. my bad

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looks like they opened up the 21st as well for a preview dinner. lots of spots left as of now.

Had lunch at Pok Pok’s soft opening today and it was wonderful. Would never have ever guessed it was their first day open. Both service and food were on spot. Very nice large space with outdoor covered patio and full bar. I have also dined at their original Portland location. They recommend two dishes a person and that was perfect, and still plenty to take home… We had Yam Wun Sen noodles, Thai egg salad with pork and prawns, Laap Pet Issan (duck & duck skin), Buffalo Jerky, Sticky rice and coconut rice. This is a great addiction to Los Angeles & Chinatown. Thank you Portland…We will be back soon…


going tomorrow night. how did the preview work? did they just apply the price of the reservation towards any food that you ordered?

Where are the fucking fish sauce wings?

Correct, 4 dishes without alcohol ran us $64. Enjoy.

On the menu and many tables were having them. Next time.

photo www.meltingbutter.com

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not sure I need yet ANOTHER “great addiction”

I am going tomorrow night.

Thanks for the review. I have been nervous it would be a clusterfuck - at best. But your review has eased my mind.

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had the fish sauce wings in portland. i thought they were as good as advertised. will need to try them again.

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The fish sauce from the pok pok noodles joint was way too fucking strong for my very very very very timid tastes.

i hope this isn’t a silly question, but how does this place
compare – taste wise – to your typically top drawer l.a. thai food, a la pailin,
luv2eat, hoy ka, sapp, etc.?


I was wondering about this too, since I still haven’t been to the PDX location.

Wait, the description of the preview meals (both lunch and dinner) said “Join us for a preview of our menu and space. Ticket price includes food and a selection of our house cocktails and bar offerings.” I thought it was prix fixe, which would have been a good deal, especially since they state it includes drinks.

I understand that’s not how it’ll work going forward, with the non-preview meals stating “The value of this ticket will be applied towards the balance of your group’s check.” on the TOCK website.

Wonder if the preview dinner is any different than the lunch you had. I believe @chrishei is going there right now, so I hope he responds. I was thinking of going tomorrow night.

I had thought that It was prix fixe also, but it was not. You started with a credit of what you had paid in ($30 lunch and $50 dinner) and ordered off their regular menu. I do believe that the lunch and dinner menu are the same.