I guess it's refreshing that -- at least -- they admit it!

Armand de Brigand targets “high rollers”

In a refreshingly (though not necessarily intentionally) candid article, the European brand manager for "Armand de Brignac, the Champagne brand owned by rapper Jay-Z, admits the brand is targeting high rollers who ‘don’t care how much money they spend’ with its newly released Blanc de Noirs Champagne made from Pinot Noir from Montagne de Reims. The wine is being sold in the UK exclusively at Harrods (retail), and is priced at £695 a bottle (approx. $1,000), with the ultimate goal of selling it for around £1,000 ($1,500+) at high-end London restaurants.

Speaking during a tasting of the range at the Hyatt Regency Churchill hotel in London yesterday, Gerald Loparco, the brand’s director for Europe, Africa & travel retail said: “Limitation is the key to success – if we sold the blanc de noirs for £50 it wouldn’t be spectacular at all.

“We’re going for high rollers who don’t care how much money they spend. I’ve seen the cars parked outside this hotel – there’s a lot of money in London and consumers from the Middle and Far East are a big target as they want to spend their money.”

When quizzed on the eye-wateringly high price tag for the blanc de noirs, Loparco admitted that it was “a lot to ask” consumers to pay for, but added that compared to Krug’s Clos de Mesnil it was “affordable”.

Oh. Well. In that case, I guess it’s OK.

Barnum’s Law, UK edition.

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As long as there are people willing to pay the price, more power to 'em…just wish I had the moxie to look someone in the eye and overcharge by that kind of margin. (but at that kind of margin, I wouldn’t have to do it for very long…)

I’ve got this wine made on Thomas Jefferson’s estate…

You mean like this? or this? or this?

Ha! I was thinking of that cluster involving the Koch Brothers.