I have an intimate confession to make (blush...):

I love Fernet Branca. Straight.
Anybody else out there on the same side?

Since we’re doing confessions.

I sort of really like Moutai. A lot.

Even when I am still sober.

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Needless to say, we are not dealing with “subtle tones of lilies of the woods and myrtle” here …

Wow Ipse…reaching into the Qing Dynasty vault…solid.

I like Miller High Life long necks, while washing down a good handful of Mother’s, Original Circus Animal Crackers…prefer the pink ones!

There is a saying that “Moutai builds Chinese factories.”
You must be a ginuwine, real-deal 21st-Century industrialist… :smile:

Either builds them, or burns them down.

Probably the same thing at the end of the day.

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I think if you pour some on them they implode.

that’s how they kept the GDP up… build things, burn them down, build them back again.

Chinese fucking fire water ???

That shit is fucking deadly.

I like Palinkovsv. Not sure on the fucked up spelling though.


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Just have absinthe - you’ll hallucinate more and write better poetry (and prose, I suppose)…


this one:

the slender bottle on the far right:


Maraska Pelinkovac made by Maraska Distillery (Zadar, Croatia)
I’m ordering one right now.

MGD, in a bottle, very cold. And a couple handfuls of Planters Roasted Peanuts.

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And that ain’t no f*cking joke!