I love the The Cannibal

Last night really enjoyed:
Cured Meats - Culatello, Bresaola, Lonzino
Thai Sausage (new menu item, pork in a great sauce)
‘Lolo’ 1/2 chicken
Roasted Cauliflower
Squash and Peaches

My only complaint is they don’t really have a steak for 1 (only a hanger steak). If you want the Dry Aged Rib Eye it is for 2, weighs 32 Oz and costs 120 bucks.


Nice. Good to see they’re fixing the missteps. Still stubborn about the $120 ribeye for 2 :smirk:

Hi @CiaoBob,

Good to hear. We were disappointed with their lunch offerings. Dinner is totally different menu it seems.

Don’t forget their “Ol’ 96’er” - 96 oz Steak for $320! (+ tax & tip) Uh… :smirk: :rage: