I need a drink

o.k., this is short notice, and i apologize, BUT

i’m off to vegas. cocktails, whiskey and beer are required.
i usually enjoy the vesper bar and the others in the cosmopolitan. love herbs and rye and will most likely be hitting there. have enjoyed
drinks at the public house and carnevino in the bar, and the champagne joint in…caesars i think.

any other suggestions?

many thanks.

Here is the latest from Eater…
Go to Atomic for a toast to Kent!
Alibi looks great…
Report back our dear linus.

Although not a fan of their food, Yardbird in the Venetian makes some very nice handcrafted cocktails.

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oh, good call. their drinks are pretty good.

well thought i’d report in.

vesper bar great as usual. they really know what they’re doing.
jaleo makes superior gin and tonics.
alibi bar in the aria hotel is not good. friendly staff, but the cocktails are overpriced and meh. my glass smelled moldy.
herbs and rye excellent as usual.
had a very good mai tai at carbone. loved the food there, too.
bardot cocktails were o.k.
good mojito at casa fuente. cigars rather expensive. i dunno…maybe it’s a tad douchey. or maybe
i’m just over the cigar thing.
went a couple of other places but can’t seem to remember them. must not have been special.

thanks again for everyone’s help.

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Out of curiosity, what did you have to eat?

had a very, very good pasta with a lamb sort of ragu, i believe. the octopus was pretty much the best i’ve ever
had. mind bendingly soft texture. great flavour. some charcuterie that was good, and the beets, which were…beets.
and a decent bottle of wine.

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‘my glass smelled moldy’ . . .we had the same experience with the water glasses at Nobu when we ordered still water and you could smell that fish tank smell and is a horrid stench you do not want to experience when drinking.

Quivering like a Chihuahua just thinking about it.

Huh. Same experience some years back at Stripsteak @ Mandalay. I think they were deliberately serving water from unclean taps, to try and persuade us to order drinks instead. But maybe I’m just paranoid.

The smell is so frigging gross that you think you’re drinking from an aquarium…