I need prime rib in my life

Where can I go to make my life complete?

Please don’t say Stinking Rose or Lawry’s.

Was disappointed with the prime rib at Arthur J’s last night.

My next stop is Alexander’s unless someone can talk me out of it and recommend something more enticing.

  1. Fly to SF
  2. Uber/Lyft to House of Prime Rib. Or take BART. Watch out for scooters and poop on the street.
  3. Fly back home.
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the commissary bangs out a prime rib once a month. for $8 you get a slab of prime rib, some potatoes, veggies, horseradish, au jus. pretend you’re going to the museum.


The Palm. Weekends only.

The Grill On The Alley, Beverly Hills – Sunday nights only.

Birch closed but the chef is now doing Sunday roast at Wishire.

FWIW, went I went to Alexander’s I enjoyed everything BUT the steak. It was close to when they first opened, so maybe it was opening jitters. But if your promoting yourself as a steakhouse, my steak better not be well done when I order medium rare.

Ironically, I know where to get prime rib in SF, and House of Prime Rib is not it. In fact, HoPR might be last on the list, if it’s on the list at all.

California Club. Have the best in-house ice cream in SoCal afterwards.


I like quite a few things at the CC (esp. the breakfast burrito), but the prime rib is not one of their better offerings. Makes Lawry’s seem like haute cuisine.

Alrighty then, allow me to direct you to Clearman’s Steak 'N Stein in Pico Rivera… Damn good pozole there, too. The anti-bougie cousin of CC…

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I’m curious, is there such a thing as Wagyu grade prime rib?

Share the list man

Prime rib refers to the rib primal, so yes.

While not prime rib, I just had a fantastic Tomahawk Ribeye at Taylor’s in Koreatown last night. Dee-licious!! They do have prime rib on the menu, though, but I don’t know if I’ve had it recently.

Never have a bad meal there, though!

Now this place is divey as hell, but the San Franciscan down in Torrance (SW quadrant-adjacent of Crenshaw/Sepulveda) does a surprisingly good prime rib. Great value, too. But divey as hell.


Alexander’s, followed closely by EPIC.

Taylor’s has a tomahawk ribeye!!! Is that a special or on their regular menu? and also, how much $? I may need to visit in the near future…