Ichijiku Neighborhood Sushi Bar (Highland Park): A Pictorial Essay

Less than a month old, Ichijiku Neighborhood Sushi Bar’s order queue was jumpin’ by the time I called. Happy locals filed in (distanced, naturally) to retrieve their sushi orders to-go. Resembling a house in Amsterdam, the sushi counter space was narrow but deep. The staff were kind and very friendly during my pick-up.

No outside dining service is currently available, but as my cashier kindly pointed out, there is a lovely patio with sunshades out back (it shares the deck with Civil Coffee next door). Yes, truly this was a neighborhood sushi-ya in the best sense - Comfortable, casual and just a tad less than traditional. But how was the food?

I was eager to find out. I recall reading that one of the shokunin hails from Yu/Mi Sushi in Beverly Hills. Once home, I noticed the careful packing of each pristine piece of nigiri. It was looking good. For now, there is no omakase menu at Ichijiku, so instead I ordered each piece as if creating my own omakase. It worked out great.

Salmon: Fantastic! The rice was just a tiny touch dry (but this I felt was more an artifact from the commute rather than an oversight by the itamae), but this shari was really tasty and balanced in its use of vinegar. The salmon was soft and rich.

Hotate: Another winner. Spot on neta so far.

Albacore: Lovely. I liked the smidgeon of uni they placed on top.

Yellowtail: Beautiful.

Branzino (actually this looked and tasted more like tai): Great bite.

Trio of tuna (o-toro, chu-toro, akami): This was surprisingly good for the relatively low price point. Really super!

Seared wagyu: Just awesome. This was pricier than the other neta, but well worth it. Sansho peppers (garnished on top) worked wonders to open up the flavors.

Roasted red peppers: A tad spicy, and complex. A terrific veggie option.

Unagi: Fluffy and deep nitsume.

Tamago: Generous and good.

Ikura gunkan: A bit flaccid (also from the car ride, I believe).

Negitoro hosomaki: Wow! Packed with deliciousness. I could have eaten a LOT more of this.

Ichijiku Neighborhood Sushi Bar is a humble yet capable newcomer to the sushi arena. There seems to be already a loyal local following. It should do very well, if it keeps up this level of offerings at this price point. My self-curated omakase was delicious. Highland Park is a lucky neighborhood to have a sushi-ya of this caliber there.


Ichijiku Neighborhood Sushi Bar
5629 ½ N. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 90042


I also grabbed some takeout from Ichijiku this weekend and came away impressed. I didn’t have the stomach to get @J_L’s OOE, but definitely walked away excited to come back and try the pieces I didn’t get this go around.

Tuna Trio: Otoro, Chutoro, and Akami

This was great–even though they don’t have an omakese option, I was really happy to get a nice package like this so I could try each tuna option they had.


Really liked this too. Highland Park is about 15 minutes away, but this held up well on the drive home, and it would be tough for me to not order this again amongst all the other options I didn’t try.

Yellowtail & Habanero (top) & Branzino (bottom)

The cut roll was surprisingly awesome–it didn’t feel run of the mill and I really liked creaminess and touch of heat. The touch of yuzu on the branzino really brought this light bite together.

On a side note, my partner is vegetarian and happens to dislike nori, so part of this excursion was to scope it out and see if it would be a good place to return. They have a number of vegetarian friendly nigiri and cut roll options in addition to a soy wrapper option, that had me crossing my fingers that this may finally be the place that we can enjoy sushi together at.

Ordering and picking up was super easy as well, and overall I’m really looking forward to the next time!


Picked up a modest order for dinner over the weekend and I’m starting to think this might be my go to takeout sushi spot. It sits right in that mid-price tier and has incredible QPR.

Since opening, they’ve added omakase boxes and sashimi to the menu, though I stuck with putting together my own little set. The thing I like most is that each piece of nigiri is generous on the fish.




Negitoro Roll

All were great bites, the negitoro roll especially. I’ll order more next time :sweat_smile:


Looks like you found your neighborhood spot to drop in on a weekday

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Really glad to hear good things about this place! I was skeptical when it opened (location, mostly, but also ownership by the Cafe Birdie folks next door), but now I’m definitely going to check it out soon.

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Yeah, I was curious about the ownership too, but this article from Eater set aside any questions I had when I saw the chefs were experienced.

I’d love to get your thoughts when you get it too!