Icon control buttons not visible in IE11

I’m a new member as of yesterday, and on my desktop, with WIN7-Pro/IE11, I don’t see any of the icon control buttons, such as the Edit and Like buttons.

I believe this is an problem specific to my setup, not a server-side problem, because another FTC member with whom I’m in contact is using IE11 and does see these icon buttons.

Probably a setting or compatibility issue on my side.

Any suggestions about where to look @Sam.Saffron ?


Thanks, Robert. There is a topic here, “Certain Buttons Not Visible…”, that applies to IE11, but the issue wasn’t resolved and the bottom line was that since there are few IE11 users on Discourse, digging into this isn’t planned.

Doc, do you know what add-ons you have installed on IE11?

I just used IE11 in its bare, standard form and was fine using this site.

I’m think it must be something specific to your configuration of IE11 that is causing you the issues.

I agree, ipse. Just need to find what it is. I have lots of add-ons, but none of them should be blocking something as simple as this. I’m going to go to Windows Forums and raise the question there. I wish I knew the technical name for those buttons. The buttons themselves work fine, nothing is blocking their functionality. Just the icon images over them are missing. The fact that I know you get them on IE11 is very helpful information. Thanks.