Ideas for Meals Delivered to Family with Medical Issues

I’m part of a group that has volunteered to provide meals for a family of four. One parent is suffering through some intense chemotherapy and the other is working full time. The children are 2.5 and 5.
I’d bring the food to the workplace in the morning and my friend would take it home to feed her family.
Looking for dishes that are tasty upon reheating while being easy to cook. Honestly, I think even cooking pasta is probably a chore at this point.
Ideas are fine, recipes are also welcome, help is appreciated.

Meatloaf, lasagna, casseroles. Hearty soups and chili. Any chicken and rice dishes would probably go over well with the kids and adults.

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Hi frommtron,

First, you are a wonderful friend.

I think that stratas would be perfect as they are meant to be baked eight hours after they are put together and they are filling and hit most of the major food groups. For extra healthiness you can use whole wheat bread. Here are links to a couple of strata recipes.

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Interesting! Wouldn’t have gone there, but I so love strata! Thanks!