Ikura in Bulk?

Any place in the LA/OC area to obtain larger quantities of ikura than the little tubs priced at $50-$60/lb in the Tokyo Centrals and Mitsuwas?

Fresh or frozen is okay; this is getting mixed into a larger dish.



Ask at any fish counter that has them. They often keep the big tubs in the back. A guy I know once told his wife to pick up some. “What size?” “The biggest they have.” He was surprised when she showed up with a kilo.

Awesome, thanks!

Russian delis have the the best QPR. Call it ikra when you go in and make sure it’s the one sold in bulk, not canned.

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I did that one time. They brought out caviar. #neversendyourchauffeurtobuysalmoneggs

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Ikura / Ikra = caviar. Not sure what you’re after if it’s not caviar. We have red and black ikra/caviar just have to specify

LOL - I think the OP was after (and please correct me if I am wrong) salmon eggs. Ikura in Japanese mean only salmon eggs/roe, not sturgeon eggs. The Japanese word for sturgeon roe is ‘kyabia’.

I too very much enjoyed the ikra during Intermission at the Mariinsky ballet in Russia, but it’s not the salmon roe, tovarishch.


got it… yea russians jacked the word ikra from the japanese but applied it to all caviar. salmon roe is called red ikra in russian too. just making sure i’m being clear.

now i want some.

did i tell you i grew up on the Caspian sea and we had kilos of sturgeon caviar at home regularly?

Russian delis are usually selling salmon roe that is already salted.
I have seen nice packages of salted salmon roe at Epicurus Gourmet
LA fish company may have some either not seasoned or shoyu seasoned roe.

I assume in Baku - may have been (now illegal) Caspian Beluga caviar!

What a life! The Iranians are trying to farm Caspian beluga now for caviar harvesting. Here’s an interesting video from Vice (Munchies) about it. Hope they succeed.

Actually I think you have this backwards. I believe Japanese took the Russian word Ikra and turned it into Ikura.

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For “$50-60 a pound in the Tokyo Centrals and Mitsuwas” I think we’re talking about salmon eggs, not caviar.

That’s right. Beluga for days. They fished it all out.

yes. it’s half that at Russian spots.

It’s all farmed now, right?

No. That industry is in its infancy.

But there’s loads of CA sturgeon farmed. Haven’t had the pleasure of trying to caviar. Can’t they figure out the water composition already? It’s just extra salty lol

California, yes. But AFAIK, the Caspian sturgeon farms in Iran are just starting out.

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