Il Segreto

Never heard of it. Turns out there are some other decent italian options that don’t require 3 month wait.

I went into last night expecting to hate it because it’s in Bel Aire and I was sure it was just thematically italian food at crazy prices and I was really pleasantly surprised that while the prices were indeed crazy which I can accept given their clientelle, the food was actually great!

It wasn’t my choice as we celebrated my sister’s birthday. Our group had the private space upstairs and I had nothing to complain about at all! Some of the staff was actually Italian as well.

Bread was glorious.

her branzino was lovely… very nicely cooked… good broiled aroma

i dont have to comment on the Montalcino :slight_smile:

frito misto was damn near phenomenal and much bigger than it looks here.

pops tore up the aragosta pasta

BiL’s on the bone milanesa was amazing looking… i didn’t get to try,

and i went with their special veal chop smothered in a porchini sauce and it was just superb… so well cooked to medium rare, tasty and sauced quite well… perhaps a bit underseasoned but as the russians say “nedosol na stole, peresol na golove” … undersalted? it’s on the table (the salt)… oversalted? it’s on your (cook) head

also loved their buratta salad and their carpaccio… pumpkin ravioli made with green pasta was great also… and kids tore up their pizzas though i didn’t get to try.


It does look really good.

Nice @Nemroz! I went once a while ago. Loved the fish. I wish they opened for lunch because I’m at The Glen for work about once a month.

maybe they haven’t updated their menu on their website, but the prices look quite reasonable for LA. Cheaper than the Bestias or Felix easily.

I think prices did go up. Frito misto $28, veal chop $49, etc. in $NB. it’s not one of the hyped modern elevated food restaurants, standard fare but yea compared to those or Republique it’s not bad

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That fish looks beautifully cooked.

That branzino looks 106 Underground snook-y good. (And that means great!)


No charcoal

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